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The Soft Sleeper, as its name might begin to suggest, is most suitable toward those who prefer an extremely soft mattress to sleep on at night. This is more or less how it sets itself apart from a large portion of memory foam mattresses on the market, mattresses who’s level of softness pales in comparison to that of the Soft Sleeper.

However, it also sets itself apart from many mattresses of an equal or greater softness. Because many overly-soft memory foam products on the market tend to be lower in quality, many folks who love soft beds have been afraid of taking the plunge and buying such a piece of memory foam. The manufacturers behind the Soft Sleeper have answered this complaint through providing a soft, high-quality memory foam mattress; something which has been seen as somewhat of an oxymoron up until this point. Let’s take a closer look at some of its specs and see if it truly lives up to its potential as one of the world’s first soft and high-quality memory foam mattresses.


As I’m sure you are by now aware, the Soft Sleeper’s key selling point is its level of firmness. Even the softest spring mattress available couldn’t begin to keep up with the comfort of the Soft Sleeper. When compared solely to other memory foam mattresses (a technology which is already known for lacking any significant degree of firmness), the mattress in question still proves to be one of the softest available on the market.

However, it isn’t the Soft Sleeper’s level of softness that makes it interesting, but rather how it manages said softness. The sad truth is that softer mattresses are often prone to issues later on down the road. For example, it has always been highly recommended that those with back issues refrain from sleeping on anything but the firmest of mattresses. The Soft Sleeper; however, does away with many of the issues typically inherent in less-than-firm mattresses while still giving you the comfort you want. I needn’t explain why this may be highly advantageous.

Recovery Time

FullDouble 12 Inch1If I could give the Soft Sleeper a six on its recovery time, I would. In fact, I’d wager it sits in the top five mattresses of all time in this respect. As always, layered mattresses are going to have a better recovery time, being that layers which have a hard time recovering are typically in the middle of the mattress. The Soft Sleeper; however, takes thing one step further.

Instead of merely wrapping some high-density memory foam up in some low-density memory foam, as is typically the case with layered mattresses, the Soft Sleeper sits its low-density foam on top of the high-density foam. As such, this ensures that you’re getting the most out of each layer, assuming your mattress isn’t upside down (a problem we haven’t had to worry about in similar mattresses up until this point in time). For this reason, you’ll likely find the recovery time on the Soft Sleeper the best you have ever experienced.


I’ve previously noted that the Soft Sleeper seems to majorly specialize in offering all of the pros of a soft mattress without all of the cons. Unfortunately, this is not the case when it comes to the mattress’ durability. At the end of the day, softer memory foams make a mattress less durable when they are exposed, as is the case with nearly all layered mattresses. This is merely part of the territory when it comes to soft mattresses and is not an issue our current technology allows our mattress manufacturers to fix at this point in time. Only one’s own priorities will dictate whether a lower degree of durability is worth a higher degree of comfort.

Warranty Information

The Soft Sleeper offers its owners a ten-year warranty, which is what is to be expected in this day and age. What isn’t to be expected; however, is a one hundred day trial, such as the one the Soft Sleeper gives its owners. Simply put, those who find their mattress works perfectly, though simply don’t like it for whatever reason, will be able to return it with no questions asked after one hundred days of initially purchasing it. I love seeing this in any product, as it guarantees that the only thing you can possibly waste is time; keeping your money well-spent, no matter the quality of the product you’re purchasing.

Overall Summary

Put simply, the Soft Sleeper is one of the very best purchases that could be made by those who prefer the comfort of a soft bed. Not only is it softer than the vast majority of most memory foam mattresses, it eliminates many of the issues typically found in softer mattresses. As such, you’ll no longer have to worry about hurting you back by laying on a mattress such as this.

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