8″ Night Therapy Memory Foam Mattress & Bi-Fold® Box Spring Set – Full, Review


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The 8 inch Night Therapy Memory Foam Mattress and Bi-Fold Box Spring Set in full is not only a quality memory foam mattress, but also comes with the Bi-Fold box spring, providing a complete sleeping set up for a very affordable price. The mattress itself offers many different layers of memory foam that offer comfort with an adequate amount of firmness. Not only is the mattress comfortable and easy to set up, but the Bi-Fold box spring is just as easy to set up and supports the mattress supremely. This review will cover many aspects of this mattress and box spring set, allowing each reader to make an informed decision before buying.


This mattress succeeds in being firm enough to allow support but not overly firm to the point where discomfort would occur. This mattress probably isn’t for people who prefer a very firm sleeping experience, but rather for people who prefer to sink a little while also being properly supported throughout the night. Because of this, the firmness of this mattress earns itself 4 out of 5 stars, which is right where it should be for a mattress of it’s kind. 8 Night Therapy Memory Foam1This mattress offers many different layers which not only support the body and provide an adequate amount of firmness but it also allows for comfort and softness, which many people look for in a memory foam mattress.

Recovery Time

Like other memory foam beds, this mattress absorbs shock and movement while also being able to recover it’s form quickly and easily. This allows for the greatest possible sleeping experience, as one is unlikely to feel movement from their sleeping partner. Because the memory foam is breathable, not only does it recover from impression and weight quickly, but it also keeps one’s body cool and comfortable throughout the night.


This mattress scores right where it should when it comes to durability. Many customers have used this mattress for years without any issues. Not only does it stand up to normal use, but it also is quite durable even when being used by persons of a larger stature, allowing anyone to use this bed for years to come with little to no issues. The bed manages to keep it’s shape for years, with little to no damage coming from sleeping and moving regularly on the mattress. Because of this, durability is high and suitable for a memory foam mattress of it’s type.

Warranty Information

8 Night Therapy Memory Foam2While every other aspect of this mattress scores fairly high, warranty information is where it scores the lowest. It seems that little warranty information is provided, besides a single page covering some of what the warranty covers. However, there is no time frame given in the warranty, and it is a limited warranty. Because of this, buyers are unable to know just how much damage the warranty would cover, and for how long it would cover it as well. Though it should be stated that it’s unlikely a person would need to use the warranty, as the mattress and box spring seem to be made to last and withstand years of average use.


This mattress and box spring set is quite the deal for the price. You get a quality mattress and an easy to set up box spring, all for less than half the cost of other memory foam mattresses. Because of this, the set is well worth the money. This mattress seems to be one of the better made memory foam mattresses of it’s type, as it’s comfortable and keeps its form for years. The mattress is quite the deal, and is suitable for nearly all sleepers. However, it should be mentioned that the full size can run a little short, meaning anyone over 5 foot tall may wish to purchase a larger size. This isn’t that large of an issue for many people, but for those who are taller, it just may be. Overall, this mattress and box spring set is of a great quality an is well worth the small amount of money one would spend on it. You get an easy to set up sleeping set as well as years of comfortable and cozy sleep, making it worth the money, even if little warranty information is available.

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8″ Night Therapy Memory Foam Mattress & Bi-Fold® Box Spring Set – Full