Accu-Gold 5.3 Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Review


Overall Rating
Recovery Time


The Accu-Gold 5.3 is marketed primarily toward those currently interested in a Tempurpedic or other therapeutic memory foam mattresses. The Accu-Gold 5.3 is meant to be a cheaper (though not an extremely cheap) solution to such big-name brands. Of coarse, this makes it great for the frugal who care about their back but don’t care about corporate branding.

As anyone who’s ever tried out a therapeutic memory foam mattress is by now aware, such mattress are nearly luxurious, no matter the current state of your back’s health. In fact, a large portion of folks purchasing the Accu-Gold 5.3 may not have any back problems at all and simply just enjoy the excellent degree of comfort offered by the mattress. Whether you’ve been looking at increasing your health or merely want to go the extra mile to achieve the most comfortable sleep possible, the Accu-Gold 5.3 may be just what you need.


As previously mentioned, the Accu-Gold 5.3 is made primarily with those experiencing back problems in mind. Such therapeutic mattresses are absolutely required to have a fairly large degree of firmness inherent in their make; at least when compared to other memory foam mattresses. As such, those who want the softest mattress possible will likely want to keep shopping around some more.

Despite this, the Accu-Gold 5.3 is still very soft when stacked up against spring mattresses. Most folks will likely find it to be of the perfect level of firmness. Because of this, it not only keeps one’s back, shoulders and neck aligned, but can actually refrain from heating up its owner(s) while they sleep, unlike many memory foam mattresses on the softer end of the spectrum. As such, the average person will likely find this mattress to be one of the very most comfortable within its price range.

Recovery Time

Being a mattress of the therapeutic variety, one can expect the Accu-Gold 5.3 to have an excellent recovery time. This reason for this is that, in order to protect one’s back and shoulders, the mattress needs to be able to snap back into shape instantaneously and continue to properly contour around one’s back upon the owner of the bed shifting or moving about in his or her sleep. One can expect to wait no more than five seconds for the mattress to retain its original shape after having pressure applied to it. This, of coarse, refers to the utmost extreme situations. For someone of average weight and proportion, waiting more than a second or two should be a rare occurrence. Of coarse, this is liable to change based upon one’s own weight and body shape. All in all, the mattress’ recovery time is well above average.


I won’t call the Accu-Gold 5.3’s durability absolutely outstanding, though it’s certainly better than your average memory foam mattress. Looking through reviews by previous customers, you’ll find next to nothing in the way of disgruntled customers who have experienced issues regarding the mattress’ longevity. As such, one can expect their new Accu-Gold 5.3 to stick around for quite some time. This is a characteristic one should expect in any product over two hundred dollars and is a characteristic seen in this particular product. The durability in question is the result of a lack of low-density foam in the make of the mattress, which not only increases durability, but radiates quality as well.

Warranty Information

After purchasing the Accu-Gold 5.3, you’ll be treated to twenty years of coverage. This is well above the industry standard, which tends to hover around ten years, even for products costing as high as one thousand dollars or more. Considering that the Accu-Gold 5.3 costs less than three hundred dollars, the warranty itself is a great deal on its own which offers assurance that you’ll receive nothing but the best from the manufacturer.

Overall Summary

Relative to other mattresses within its price range, the Accu-Gold 5.3 has to be one of the absolute most high-quality memory foam products currently available on the market. It may perhaps be most suitable for those with back pain who happen to be on a budget. For roughly ten percent the cost of some big-brand therapeutic mattresses, you can get all of the same benefits. The mattress also offers a large degree of comfort to its owners, making it great even for those with perfect back health who want the best bang for their buck when it comes to a mattress’ level of comfort. It’s durable, it has a great warranty and it comes at a very agreeable price. What more could you ask for it a mattress?

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