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The Best Price Mattress is a memory foam mattress who’s sole purpose seems to revolve purely around giving its owners the highest degree of comfort possible. Now, to those uninitiated in the world of memory foam, one may come to the conclusion that all memory foam mattresses are meant to increase one’s level of comfort as they sleep. While this is certainly true to some degree or another, the Best Price Mattress takes this to a whole new extreme.

Such a level of comfort is primarily achieved through the use of different layers of memory foam, each with its own level of density. While the layering of different foams has become a rather common practice in the world of memory foam mattresses, this is typically done through the use of two layers, with one layer being disproportionately large and making up the bulk of the mattress. The Best Price Mattress, on the other hand, breaks away from this trend and takes a more balanced approach.


Roughly half of the foam used in the Best Price Mattress is of a rather lower density. Not only this, but said foam appears on the top half of the bed. As those who have laid or slept on a layered memory foam mattress can tell you, this makes for an extremely soft experience.

However, the lower half of the bed – which is made of high-density memory foam – keeps one from getting completely swallowed up. This also negates many of the back problems which may be cause by sleeping on memory foam mattresses made completely of low-density foam. While I would never recommend the Best Price Mattress as a way to combat back problems (there are much better solutions out there within the same price range), it certainly won’t hurt one’s back. If you have a healthy back and love soft mattresses, you’ll likely enjoy the Best Price Mattress.

Recovery Time

The recovery time of the Best Price Mattress is just perfect. In fact, I’m not exaggerating when I say that the mattress in question is one of the best in the business in this regard. While a mattress’ recovery time certainly isn’t the most important feature one should look out for, a quick recovery time may contribute to a higher level of overall comfort for those laying in the mattress.

Best Price Mattress 12-Inch1The excellent recovery time is achieved through the layers used in the mattress’ make. Because the top half of the mattress is devoid of some of the extremely high-density memory foams many of us have grown accustomed to, you’ll find the low-density foam soaks up all of your weight. As it turns out, low-density foam can bounce back into shape nearly immediately after being laid upon.


As great as the Best Price Mattress may sound thus far, it has one very major drawback; its overall level of durability. Simply put, low-density foams are the furthest thing from durable, at least when stacked up to other forms of memory foam. As such, you simply cannot expect the Best Price Mattress to be the most durable memory foam mattress on the market.

It’s important to note that such a lack of durability isn’t exclusive to this particular mattress. Those who want a memory foam product which uses a smaller ratio of high-density foam in its make will simply have to bite the bullet as be stuck with a less-than-durable product. Whether or not this is a worthy price to pay all comes down to personal preference. As a rule of thumb (with a few exceptions from time to time), one can expect mattresses lower in firmness to be equally low in durability.

Warranty Information

At ten years of coverage after your initial purchase, the Best Price Mattress’ warranty is what should be expected of a memory foam mattress. Ten-year warranties seem to be the standard in this day and age and are to be expected. Couple that with the manufacturer’s willingness to politely and quickly resolve any issue which may arise, and you have yourself a winner. If it’s a bit of consumer protection you’re after in your next mattress purchase, the Best Price Mattress can’t do you wrong.

Overall Summary

The Best Price Mattress is good for one demographic and one demographic only; those who want the softest mattress they can get their hands on. Yet, despite being so soft, the mattress’ bottom layer of high-density memory foam is sure to eliminate many of the negative implications of using very soft mattresses (such as causing back problems later on down the road). If you want the softest of the soft, look no further than the Best Price Mattress.

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