Best Price Mattress 6-Inch Memory Foam Twin Mattress Review


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Feel like You are Sleeping on a Cloud

Imagine going to sleep comfortable, no tossing and turning throughout the night, no aches and pains in the morning and feeling like you are literally, sleeping on a cloud of comfort.  With Best Price Mattress’s 6” Memory Foam Twin size mattress that is exactly what you can expect and much more.

Memory foam beds have become more and more popular over the years.  With sleep being such an important part of good health, mentally and physically, now more than ever, quality bedding is a must.

With a well constructed memory foam mattress from best Price Mattress you will not believe the difference in your quality of sleep.


6-Inch Memory Foam firmnessThe firmness of this mattress is medium to medium firm, providing support and a great sleeping surface that molds to the contours of your shape when it reacts to the temperature of your body.  It evenly distributes the weight along the surface of the mattress so you won’t be plagued with pressure points or tossing and turning that are prevalent with inner spring mattresses.

The Best Price Mattress creates the 6” mattress by layering 3” of a supportive foam layer on the bottom, adding 2” of super soft foam on top of that and then finishing off with 1” of memory foam that is infused with Green tea and charcoal and designed for comfort.  All of that is covered with a soft, poly-jacquard fabric cover that protects the mattress.

Recovery Time

You will never feel like you are sleeping in old indentations or craters from your previous positions.  As you turn or move in your sleep, the mattress gently moves with you, filling in where you were without any disruptions.

You will not feel disturbances from a bed partner when they are turning over either and will sleep deeper than you have been on other mattresses.  It gives you the feeling of being encompassed in a comfort cloud that moves when you move, yet provides continuous support o alleviate pain.

There is no cooling system or material in this bed so you may notice that you can get warm when sleeping on it.  This is one area where the charcoal is beneficial as it helps absorb moisture.  Any overheating sensation can be easily rectified by outfitting your memory foam bed with cool touch sheets and the good news is you won’t have to pile on the blankets or comforters to stay warm.


6-Inch Memory Foam OdorWhen you first get your Best Price Mattress Twin size bed home, you may notice a bit of a chemical smell.  It is something that usually goes away and is not offensive or super strong by any means.  Since this product is CertiPUR-US certified, it has passed many stringent tests to make sure that is does meets physical, environmental and indoor emissions standards.

Also, since the memory foam is infused with Green tea and charcoal, both of which help with odor and prevent any bacteria from growing, this smell may not affect you at all and be that unnoticeable.

It is not unlike other new products that have that “new” smell and many customers who have purchased it notice nothing at all.


Getting good value for your dollar is important, but customers want to know that what they are purchasing is going to last. With normal use and proper care, your Best Price Mattress memory foam Twin Mattress will last years.  Because it is foam, it will wear out over time but that is the case with all mattresses regardless of whether it is memory foam, inner spring or some other type.

Unless it is damaged in some way, you can expect to be getting a good night’s sleep on it for quite awhile before you will want to replace it. Seeing as it is only 6” thick, this will wear down a bit faster if the sleeper is heavier in weight.

What are other Customers Saying?

The ratings that other customers give a product you are interested in purchasing is a great way to see what those who are actually using it think.  It’s like testing it without risking anything. It is important to understand that everyone is different and has different preferences, so while one person may think it’s perfect, another may think it is not.

Overall it is a very accurate way to see behind the scenes of the product and see how it is performing.  Here are some things customers are saying about the Bet Price Mattress Memory Foam Twin Mattress.

There are many more great comments than these but as you can see, this mattress is pleasing the customers that purchase it and are providing them with a sleep experience that they wanted.

Warranty Information

It is always important to look at the warranty of a product you want to purchase.  When a company cares about their products, their customers and their reputation, they want to put something in place that reassures customers who buy their products feel that they are getting a good product.

A good warranty provides this reassurance.  Best Price Mattress gives customers a great 10 year warranty on their mattresses. This indicates a belief in their product’s value and durability as well.  Be sure to register your mattress after you get it to ensure your warranty is in place.

Overall Summary

For the customer who is looking for softness with support, as well as longevity and value, this is a great mattress that will fit those needs with no problem. They are not recommended for those who weigh over 250 pounds due to the height of the mattress being 6”, but many get two and put them together who are over the recommended weight for one and are completely pleased with them.

You will improve your quality of sleep, your health and your productivity when you lie down to sleep on the Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Twin Mattress. This product measures 39” x 75” x 6”. Most queen sized sheets fit with no issues at all and due to the height of the mattress have room to spare.

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Best Price Mattress 6-Inch Memory Foam Twin Mattress