Brentwood 8″ HD Memory Foam Mattress Review


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Recovery Time

Customized Comfort for a Great Night’s Sleep

With the Brentwood Home 8” HD Memory Foam Mattress, you will get firm support that is customized just for your body weight and shape.  There are many things that make this memory foam mattress a great one.

With good sleep being so important, finding a mattress that provides the kind of sleep and support you need is very beneficial. Brentwood Home knows the importance of sleep and the products they create reflect their attention to customer care and quality.

You’ll notice the difference in your quality of sleep and pain level right away.  The bamboo fiber cover is removable for easy washing for the sleeper’s convenience.


The 6” foam support base topped off with 2” of HD Memory Foam provide firm support that will give you the comfort you’re looking for.  When you lie down on the mattress, it gently contours to your body for support and comfort that is customized for the individual sleeper yet provides the firmness that you’re looking for. This customized support means better sleep deeper sleep and less pain when you wake up in the morning.  Some people even report being pain free for the first time in years.

One of the popular features of this memory foam mattress is the all natural wool sleep surface that lines the top of the mattress.  If you don’t have any wool allergies, what you will find is that is wicks away any moisture and keeps your body temperature regulated so you’re cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  It’s also very breathable and the open cell technology used to create it keeps it feeling cool and comfortable with just the right amount of firmness.

Recovery Time

You won’t have to worry about permanent indentations with a Brentwood Home Memory Foam Mattress. The HD memory foam comfort layer contours to the shape of the sleeper’s body and gently moves when you move, filling in where you were and contouring again in your new position.

One of the worries that many have when using a foam mattress is that the sleeper will be sleeping in craters that won’t go away. The high quality and support of both the foam support base and the HD memory foam prevent these indentations and craters from happening.

For even less worry about permanent indentations from occurring all you need to do is rotate your mattress 180 degrees about every 6 months.  This is a great and simple way to ensure even wear on the mattress but this is really an extra measure only, as the quality of the Brentwood Home mattress is unlikely to do this in the first place.


Brentwood 8 odorOdors and off-gassing can be a common complaint among customers but you don’t have to worry about the Brentwood Home Memory Foam Mattress.

It is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it is free of prohibited phthalates, no mercury, no lead or metals, no PBDEs, no CFCs, and no ozone depleters.

In addition it is low VOC as well.  What this means is that you won’t have any overpowering odors when you unpack your mattress.

You will be even happier to learn that the mattress meets federal flammability standard 1633 and is anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant as well which makes it the perfect choice for anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma.


Long lasting and durable, the Brentwood Home Memory Foam Mattress will give you years of use. The company stands behind their products and know that they deliver quality that won’t wear out in months or even a year or two. The full 6” of support foam that makes up the base along with the 2” of HD and the natural wool layer provide durability and strength that will handle normal, daily use easily without breaking down like lower grade foam mattresses can.

What are Other Customers Saying?

Customer feedback can be a very valuable tool in helping you decide whether to go ahead with a purchase or not.  People who have bought the Brentwood Home Twin Memory Foam Mattress are happy to talk about their experiences and you can use these comments to get an insider’s view of the product you’re interested in BEFORE you buy it. Here are a few comments from customers:

It’s easy to see that purchasing this mattress has been a great experience for many customers.  If you want a bed that is firm, comfortable and has no odors, you’ll love this one.

Warranty Information

A great warranty says a lot about a company’s faith in their product.  Brentwood Home offers a whopping 25 year warranty on their mattress against manufacturer’s defects. This kind of warranty gives the customer a lot of peace of mind that you’re getting an excellent quality, long lasting memory foam mattress that will provide excellent sleep for years to come.

Overall Summary

This is one mattress that you are going to love sleeping on.  It’s perfect for children, college students and adults alike.   With so many people needlessly suffering throughout the night with tossing and turning and neck, shoulder and back pain when they get up in the morning, having an alternative is a relief.  The Brentwood Home Memory Foam Twin Mattress will improve your sleep, improve your health and improve your mood too!  The bed measures 38” x 75” x 8” and regular sized twin sheets work just fine on it.  It’s made in the U.S.A as well.

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 Brentwood 8″ HD Memory Foam Twin Mattress