Brentwood Home 10-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress Review


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Made primarily of high-density memory foam which has been infused with a proprietary gel, the Brentwood Home aims to offer a solution to those who love the way low-density memory foam feels in the moment, though have become somewhat weary of many of the drawbacks inherent in sleeping on such a material. Things such as exacerbated back problems, low durability and just an overall poor level of quality are things of the past after having purchased the Brentwood Home.

On the other hand, the above would be too good to be true if there wasn’t some drawback or another. While refraining from the use of low-density foam may eliminate many common problems, replacing it with high-density foam introduces a few new problems in itself. Either material has its pros and cons; which one is best is entirely dependent on the user. Is this gel-infused alternative to low-density memory foam mattresses right for you? Let’s go in for a closer look and find out.


One thing that sets the Brentwood Home apart from nearly every other mattress made with low-density foam is its level of firmness; which just so happens to be extremely low. Simply put, infusing high-density foam with gel leaves a mattress as soft (if not even softer) than those made with low-density foam. As such, this mattress is most suitable for those with a keen interest in extremely soft mattresses which have a tendency of contouring around their owner(s) as they sleep.

How is gel-infused high-density foam any different from typical low-density foam? The main thing that separates the two in when talking about firmness (or a lack thereof) is the foam’s effect on one’s back. While low-density foams don’t necessarily cause back problems, they certainly won’t reverse them. On the other hand, high-density foam is often marketed for just this purpose. So, while softer mattresses aren’t always the best choice for those with back problems (with this particular mattress being no exception), those made with foam of a higher density are typically at least somewhat better. If you love soft mattresses but hate the health implications, this may be a step in the right direction. As always, everyone is different and will respond differently, so check with a doctor to see if your specific back problems will be compatible with this mattress before actually spending any money on it.

Recovery Time

Brentwood Home 10-Inch1I mentioned previously that replacing low-density foam with high-density foam has a few drawbacks. Recovery time is one of them. High-density memory foam simply cannot bounce back at the same rate as low-density foam, being that there’s much more foam per square inch which needs to readjust itself. If it’s a great recovery time you’re after, you may want to check the Brentwood Home – as well as most other gel-infused memory foam mattresses – off of your list. High-density foam simply cannot match the recovery time of its low-density counterparts; especially when it presents itself on the outside layer of a mattress.


One of the biggest benefits of high-density foam is that it tends to be many more times durable than other foams. As such, you can expect your new Brentwood Home mattress to last for several decades before you run into issues regarding its physical functionality. In fact, while foam which is higher in density may prove to be much more expensive at first, it is likely to eventually pay for itself through its ability to stick around for some time before being replaced. I will; however, say that such benefits only apply to those willing to put some extra time into cleaning their mattress. Being that high-density foam has more weight by volume, you’ll have more foam to clean. Of coarse, if you don’t mind doing so, this mattress will likely prove to be extremely reliable in the long run.

Warranty Information

With a length of twenty-five years, you’ll be very hard pressed trying to find a mattress who’s warranty even begins to match that of the Brentwood Home. This further increases the aforementioned long-term reliability and savings of the mattress. With twenty-five years of guaranteed functionality (as opposed to the usual ten), it’s hard to imagine a situation where the Brentwood Home won’t pay for itself.

Overall Summary

The only real problem I could find with this mattress is its poor recovery time. While it may be somewhat harder to clean, this is an issue which can be fixed with a little bit of elbow grease. Otherwise, the Brentwood Home is a great solution for those who love the feeling of low-density memory foam mattresses but hate the implications of using them. Its soft, it’s not bad for your back, it comes with a twenty-five year warranty and it’s extremely durable. The Brentwood Home should be considered by anyone who considers his or herself a fan of low-density memory foam mattresses.

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