Classic Brands 6-Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Twin Mattress Review


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Recovery Time

Not Only Better Sleep, But You’ll Stay Cooler too

When your purchase a Classic Brands 6” gel memory foam twin mattress, you get the benefit of two leading technologies that are used in improving sleep: a reduction of pressure points and aligning of the spine and you get to be cooler while you sleep as well.

Many people love the cool feel of a pillow under their heads during the night.

What better way to get a great night’s sleep than by having that cool and soothing feeling under your whole body? This is one mattress than can supply this comfortable, cool night’s sleep free from pain and disruptions.

If you’re looking for something that is different from traditional inner spring mattresses and foam mattresses, this cool gel memory foam mattress will fit your needs nicely.


Classic Brands 6-Inch FirmnessYou can expect to feel a firmness that is much like a couch cushion: firm but still plush feeling.  This will be a bit plusher than what a traditional inner spring firm mattress feels like.  This is achieved by the combination of the 5” high density foam base and 1” of gel infused memory foam that make up the construction of this popular mattress.

Other benefits to this combination of high density foam and gel infused memory foam is that you won’t be jostled or woken up whenever your partner rolls over or moves.

Because the gel memory foam contours to the shape of your body, it helps you sleep deeper and more restfully, which means less tossing and turning and less waking during the night.  In addition, the gel infused memory foam draws the heat away from your body, getting rid of that uncomfortable hot feeling some foam mattress sleepers have reported.

Recovery Time

With the contouring properties of the gel infused memory foam, sleeping in old indentations or craters is a thing of the past.  Every part of your body is supported evenly but also separately so there is no uncomfortable pressure point pain you might have experienced with inner spring mattresses.

The gel adjusts to your body temperature gradually throughout the night and when you move or turn over; the gel memory form gently fills in where you were and contours to where you moved to.

This is all done in a fast, yet unobtrusive way that allows you to stay asleep.  It’s like being cradled in softness that gently changes and moves with you rather than giving you hard spots to maneuver around until they settle into a new position.  It makes a big difference in comfort level.


CertiPUR-USThe odor that the cool gel mattress has is not unlike the new car smell a vehicle has when it is brand new. For those who are very sensitive to smells, it might be a better idea to have it in a well ventilated room upon first opening it and allow it to air out a bit. Others may not notice it at all.

The smell is nothing to be concerned about, as this Cool gel mattress by Classic brands carries the CertiPUR-US certification meaning that it has been tested for physical performance, emissions for indoor use and environmental compatibility.

It is a good certification to have and can reassure you that even if you DO smell an odor, it goes away after a day or two and is not harmful.


The durability of this mattress is very good. They make perfect mattresses for bunk bed for your child or for a college student as well.  They do not last forever of course, as memory foam will wear out after awhile, but with normal use and proper care, you will enjoy the benefits of this great cool gel mattress for a long time.  As long as the mattress is not roughly used or left around animals that like to pick and chew, you can expect to not have to replace it for some time to come. It is better suited to lighter weight individuals.

What are Other Customers Saying?

You can learn a lot about a product by what other customers have to say about it.   You get to get an insider’s view of any issues, if any and that is a valuable pre-purchase look at any product you are interested in, especially something with so much importance to your day to day life as a mattress is.  Below are some of the many comments customers have had to say about Classic Brands Gel Memory Foam Twin Mattress.

There are many more great things being said about this mattress but as you can see, customers who have purchased it are extremely happy with their purchase. It’s a great mattress that enables you to get a comfortable night’s sleep that will start your day off right.

Warranty Information

Classic Brands offers a great 5 year warranty on their products against manufacturer’s defects, giving customers peace of mind. With normal use and proper care, you won’t find yourself looking to buy another one the very next year.  Make sure that you register your product as soon as you get it so your warranty is activated.

Overall Summary

The Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Form Twin Mattress is designed with comfort in mind and you will enjoy the peaceful night’s sleep you get from sleeping on it.  Well constructed, the ability to keep you cooler at night and the properties that alleviate aches and pains and tossing and turning make it a purchase you will be glad you made the very first night.

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Classic Brands 6-Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Twin Mattress