Classic Brands Expression 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Plush, Review


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The Classic Brands Expression 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Plush style, is a quality memory foam mattress made at an affordable price compared to others like it. This mattress features 10 inches of breathable, quality memory foam that allows each user an optimal and cozy sleeping experience that spring mattresses just can’t offer. This mattress features 3 inches of plus memory foam over 7 inches of high density support memory foam, creating the perfect combination of softness and support, ideal for those looking to relieve back, neck and joint pains that are often accelerated by sleeping on a poor quality mattress. This mattress features breathable elastic memory foam that circulates air throughout the entire mattress, reducing allergens and bacteria while keeping the mattress cool and comfortable. Not only is the mattress comfortable, but the knit, silky to touch slip cover provides added protection and comfort. This review will cover many aspects of the mattress, rated from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best, as to allow readers a better idea and more information on the mattress before they decide to purchase.


For many people, the firmness of a mattress is a “make it or break it” aspect, and for a good reason. The firmness matters, as someone who prefers a more cushioned and soft mattress probably wouldn’t like a mattress that is more firm and allows less pull to sink into the mattress. Classic Brands Expression 10 Inch1This mattress is on the softer side, while it’s still plenty firm to support one’s body and keep the spine and joints aligned, it’s more cushioned and soft, allowing the user to sink in to that perfect cozy sleeping spot. The firmness of this mattress gets a rating of 3 out of 5, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all. Make no mistake, this mattress does adequately support one’s body and pressure points, but it definitely is on the softer side, and perfect for those who don’t enjoy an extra firm mattress.

Recovery Time

The recovery time for this mattress is exactly what you would expect and need from a mattress that is on the softer, more plush side. This mattress easily molds around your body, and quickly adjusts back to it’s original form when no longer in use, or when the sleeper moves. The recovery time is still plenty fast to provide a great night of sleep, as well as help to reduce disturbances due to movement. This mattress features the latest memory foam technology, allowing it to form back just as quickly, while also remaining plush, soft and breathable.


Durability is a very important aspect to consider when purchasing any product, after all, people want to get what they pay for. Classic Brands has been a trusted mattress brand for years now, and over the years they have shown the durability and comfort of their products. With thousands upon thousands of satisfied sleepers, their durability rating is a solid 5, as it should be. Not only does the modern memory foam technology keep the mattress in form and comfortable, but the included, silky knit slip cover provides added protection and cleanliness. Because this mattress is an open cell, elastic memory foam mattress, one could expect it’s durability to be at a higher standard of classic closed cell, simple memory foam mattresses. The comfort is made to last for years with this mattress.

Warranty Information

Classic Brands Expression 10 Inch2Buyers should rest easy, because even if the durability of your mattress doesn’t prove to be as grand as expected, this mattress also comes with a 25 year warranty, which is quite generous for a mattress in this price range and style. Many users have been using their Classic Brand memory foam mattresses for years with no issues, but if an issue were to occur, caused by usual circumstances, then the warranty should cover a replacement mattress. The warranty information is generally easy to find, but if any other questions happen to arise, the brand’s customer service team seems to be better than most customer service teams out there, so each buyer could relax knowing that if their bed fails, the company will back them up.


It could be stressful trying to choose the perfect new memory foam mattress for your household, especially with so many options and brands available. It should be said that Classic Brands mattresses have been consistently good, with many pleased customers under their belt. This mattress features two layers of memory foam, equaling to a total of 10 inches of memory foam. This doesn’t seem like very much, but when it comes to memory foam, it is. This mattress is made with the latest technology in memory foam, allowing for a plush, comfortable cloud like sleeping experience. The mattress also comes with a knit, silky to the touch slip cover that will help protect the mattress from any damage or dirt. Overall, this mattress seems to be quite the good choice for someone looking for a memory foam mattress on the softer side at an affordable price.

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