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The Classic Brands Silhouette 8 inch Memory Foam Mattress is a firm, yet comfortable foam mattress. This mattress features a 6 inch support base layer, with a 2 inch comfort top layer, allowing a higher level of firmness while still staying comfortable. The mattress is meant for those who prefer a more firm sleeping experience, but would still like the added comfort and pressure point support that foam mattresses deliver. This review will cover many aspects of this mattress, allowing the buyer to make a more informed decision before buying. Each aspect is rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best.


When buying a bed many people consider it’s level of firmness before purchasing. This mattress is designed to be more firm than others, allowing those with back issues, or those who prefer a firm sleeping experience to get a great night’s sleep. On a scale of one to five, this mattress easily earns itself a five, as it’s more firm than others on the market. However, it should be noted that while this memory foam mattress is indeed firm, it’s not so firm that it becomes uncomfortable. With a 6 inch foam support base layer, this mattress features a firm support, allowing your spine to stay in a natural position. This is certainly not a mattress that allows you to sink in, but rather one that supports your body. Classic Brands Silhouette 8 Inch1It has very little pull, so you won’t sink in. However, the 2 inch top layer provides a minimal cradling experience to allow your body to sink slightly in all of the right places. Not only is the bed firm and comfortable, but because the mattress uses a new form of memory foam, which allows the foam to breathe, the mattress is resistant to mold and bacteria, allowing a clean and comfortably firm sleeping experience.

Recovery Time

Because the memory foam used in this mattress is interlocked, and not a solid piece, the recovery time is much quicker than other foam mattresses of it’s stature. Within seconds to a minute you’ll find that the bed quickly adjusts to it’s original form, no matter how long a person has been on it. Because of this, your partner or sleeping companion is less likely to feel movement while asleep, as the mattress absorbs shock and quickly recovers from any weight placed upon it’s surface. This allows for a great sleeping experience while also adding extra durability.


The durability of this mattress is quite on par with others in it’s comparable range. While some customers have had mild issues, many more have found the mattress to be durable and comfortable for years. With proper use, this mattress could easily sustain years of use without damage. Though with any foam mattress, those over 200 pounds may find their durability reduced, but not by much. However, this mattress is durable, and is made to last and sustain all body types and sleepers. One could expect many years of comfortable sleeping on this mattress with little to no issues.

Warranty Information

Classic Brands Expression 10 Inch2While there isn’t too much warranty information provided on most sales pages, the mattress does come with a 25 year warranty, which is quite the generous warranty when it comes to a mattress. Because of this, even those who do end up having a durability issue can still sleep easy knowing that they have 25 years of replacement to back up their mattress. Assuming the warranty is a standard mattress warranty, buyers could sleep easy knowing that for many years to come they’ll have a comfortable mattress that supports and cradles no matter what happens.


This mattress is of high quality, and is perfect for sleeper’s who prefer a firm yet comfortable sleeping experience. With a revolutionized memory foam, and two layers providing support and softness, there is little that should keep someone from purchasing this mattress. There are many reasons why someone would enjoy a foam mattress, and this mattress covers many of those reasons. Not only can people sleep comfortable, but they can be assured that their body will have the proper support every night. Because of the 25 year warranty, each buyer is guaranteed years upon years of comfortable sleep, all at an affordable price, making this mattress one of the best of it’s kind.

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Classic Brands Silhouette 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Firm