Comfort Select 8 Inch Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Review


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Recovery Time


This Comfort Select mattress – as is the case with most other Comfort Select mattresses – is advertised heavily as being most suitable for those with back problems. This is achieved through the use of a large amount of high-density memory foam. While such foam is widely regarded as being of the utmost quality, the Comfort Select comes with little in the way of intermediate to advanced features, possibly leaving some potential and current owners of the mattress somewhat disappointed.

Despite this, the Comfort Select has its place as can prove to be a great purchase, assuming it has been purchased by the right person. Are you the right person? Let’s take a close look at the Comfort Select’s main features, characteristics and selling points and find out if this is just the mattress you’ve been looking for.


The Comfort Select’s firmness is, without a doubt, its most distinguishable feature. For some time now, memory foam mattresses of all sorts have been advertised as being most suitable for those who prefer a soft mattress that can “swallow” its owner up as he or she sleeps. The Comfort Select, on the other hand, breaks away from this trend through offering a firm mattress which is most suitable for those with back problems or those who simply prefer a firm mattress to sleep on at night.

This is achieved through two different means – an abundance of high-density memory foam and a lack of advanced features. As anyone familiar with memory foam densities can tell you, high-density memory foam is the firmest mattress foam you can get your hands on. Also, because the mattress isn’t layered or infused with gel (two techniques which make a memory foam mattress more soft), you’ll find it to be nearly as firm as your average spring mattress. If you’ve ever used memory foam before, you’ll know that this is extremely firm for memory foam.

Recovery Time

If there’s one major drawback you can expect after purchasing the Comfort Select, it’s a very poor recovery time. In fact, the recovery time is even worse than smaller, thinner Comfort Select mattresses which many of us may have already become familiar with. Once again, this is due to the use of high-density memory foam used throughout the mattress, as well as the absence of other advanced features often found in other mattress.

Now, it’s worth noting that those interested in the Comfort Select for its back-healing/back-preserving properties will likely find no issue with its lack of recovery time. In fact, one could easily argue that this translates to better “memory” (as the manufacturer puts it), leading to more back support. If you’re not looking for a bit of extra back support; however, the Comfort Select’s poor recovery time may be somewhat daunting.


As with all memory foam mattresses made with high-density materials, you’ll find the Comfort Select to be extremely durable. This is due to high density foam being less likely to get hurt by sharp objects and hard tugs. In fact, I’d wager your average customer could easily expect their new Comfort Select memory foam mattress to stick around for multiple decades. Of coarse, this is assuming you clean your mattress.

The Comfort Select has to be one of the hardest memory foam mattresses to clean. While this doesn’t inherently reduce its overall level of durability by standard definition, it may reduce its life expectancy for those who are unwilling to clean their mattress and are the type to dispose of a mattress after it has collected a certain amount of dirt. Unless you’re willing to put a bit of extra effort into cleaning your mattress, its excellent durability score may become largely irrelevant.

Warranty Information

The Comfort Select mattress entitles its owners two twenty years of coverage after the initial purchase through its warranty. As such, it’s safe to say that the Comfort Select exceeds expectations by far in this regard. To illustrate how true this is, I’ll note that the average expected warranty among memory foam mattresses lies at around ten years. If it’s a bit of extra consumer protection you’re after in your next mattress purchase, the Comfort Select is a great choice.

Overall Summary

The Comfort Select is absolutely perfect for those who require (or prefer) a firm mattress. Those with concerns regarding back or shoulder problems who would like to get in on the memory foam movement would do well by the Comfort Select. As an added bonus, it also comes with a high degree of durability and a great warranty at twenty years. It’s clear why the Comfort Select can be an excellent purchase for the right person.

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Comfort Select 8 Inch Elastic Memory Foam Mattress