Dreamaway by Sleep Innovations 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress, Full, Review


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The Dreamaway by Sleep Innovations 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress is a full sized mattress consisting of 3 layers of quality memory foam. The three layers work together to provide support and comfort, the layers are as so: top layer of 2 inch SureTemp memory foam, second layer of PureBalance foam, and a final layer consisting of 5 inches base foam. The mattress is in the firm range, running from medium firm to very firm depending on opinion and weight. The mattress comes shipped air tight sealed in a box weighing about 70 pounds, with easy set up. This review will cover a few different aspects pertaining to this mattress, being rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. This will hopefully aid readers in their decision making process before buying an important piece of furniture such as a new mattress.


This mattress rates as medium firm to very firm, depending on weight and personal opinion/perception. Those who are larger are more likely to sink a bit when lying down on the mattress, though anyone under 250 pounds or so should find this mattress to be extra firm. However, no matter weight or size, each user should still find this mattress to be plenty firm. Because of it’s extraordinary firmness, this mattress is recommended only to those who enjoy a strictly firm (yet comfortable) sleeping experience. It should also be stated that with continued use, many users have found that the mattress softens slightly over time, though still manages to remain very firm even after continued use. Considering all of this, this mattress easily earns itself a 5 on the firmness scale, and is best suited for those who enjoy sleeping on a medium firm/very firm mattress.

Recovery Time

Due to the multiple layer construction of this particular mattress, it scores very well when it comes to recovery time. The three layers work well to allow this mattress to keep it’s shape and consistency. Many users have found no issues with the recovery time of this mattress. This could be due to the fact that it’s multiple layer construction provides plenty of support and give, allowing the mattress to contour around one’s body while still remaining supportive, to quickly reform when not in use or when the person using the mattress moves or changes position. Because of it’s excellent recovery time rating, durability is higher than usual, allowing the mattress to be used for many years of continuous use without any issues or everlasting impressions/indents. It should be noted that the very edges of the bed don’t have much support, and are therefore less likely to recover as quickly as the rest of the mattress, however this shouldn’t lower the recovery time rating for the rest of the mattress or sway any potential buyers who find recovery time to be an essential aspect.


Dreamaway by Sleep Innovations 10-inch1Durability is often a very important aspect to consider when buying any product, but even more so when the product you’re buying is a mattress. As people want something that will last long enough to get their money’s worth, durability is quite essential when deciding which product to choose. This mattress scores high in durability, partly thanks to it’s multiple layer construction and partly because of the quality materials that are used when manufacturing the mattress. Many users have consistently used this mattress for years with no issues, and thanks to it’s firmness being superior, the mattress is also more likely to hold up under all body types and sizes. Very rarely are durability issues reported when it comes to this mattress, making it not only supportive, comfortable and affordable but durable as well.

Warranty Information

While the warranty information for this mattress are rather easy to locate, the warranty is a limited warranty. Limited warranties are pretty standard for beds of this type, but could be a bit of a downfall when looking for reassurance when buying. This mattress comes with a 5 year limited warranty, which isn’t very generous when you consider that many mattresses come with 20 year to lifetime warranties. However, it should be said that due to the durability being so well, it’s probably unlikely the warranty would have to be used anyway.


This mattress seems to be a rather high quality 10 inch memory foam mattress, offered at an affordable price with easy set up and longevity. The medium firm/extra firm level of firmness is often preferable for many who enjoy a firm bed, as well as for those who have back, neck or joint point. The mattress is supportive, yet soft and comfortable and is resistant to bacteria, mildew, dust mites and more. It should also be said that due to the use of high quality memory foam, and multiple layers, the mattress reduces/eliminates motion disturbance greatly, allowing even the most active of sleepers to get a great night of sleep, with a partner or without. Overall, this mattress seems like a great deal offered at a great price, and is a great choice for someone who wants the memory foam experience with added firmness and support.

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