DreamFoam Bedding 8-Inch Memory Foam Bed Review


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Recovery Time


The DreamFoam is a memory foam mattress which revolves around offering a compromise of some degree of integrity, comfort and back support to those unsure of exactly what it is they’re looking for in their next mattress. In nearly all aspects, it proves to be quite average in stature. As such, most consumers will have little complaints regarding any major issues exhibited by the mattress. At the same time, there isn’t a whole lot which actively stands out about the mattress in the first place.

It is likely most suitable for those who have no special needs or preferences in their next mattress purchase other than it being made of memory foam. It offers an acceptable degree of comfort while preserving back health, though nobody would call it the most comfortable or most supportive mattress on the market. If you’ve been looking for such a middle-of-the-road approach in your next mattress, the DreamFoam might just be for you.


As with many other memory foam mattresses, the DreamFoam incorporates the use of foam layers into its make. Also like many other mattresses, the outer layer is made of soft, low-density memory foam while the inner layer is made of a more firm, high-density memory foam. This offers owners some of the comfort inherent in softer foam mattresses while giving them the back support of firmer mattresses.

Unlike many mattresses; however, the DreamFoam’s high-to-low-density ratio is rather high. In other words, three quarters of the mattress is made with firm foam, while only a quarter is made of soft foam. This makes it somewhat more firm than most hybrid mattresses which use two different types of foam in their make. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on any given owner’s preference when it comes to mattress’ firmness.

Recovery Time

Relative to the density of the foam used in its make, the DreamFoam does an excellent job of bouncing back after having had any degree of pressure applied on it. This is due to the strategic placement of the foams used within the mattress. With the possible exception of those who’s weight is significantly above average, the portion of the mattress which soaks up most of the owner’s body weight is the outer layer made of low-density memory foam. And, as it turns out, memory foam of the low-density variety does an excellent job of quickly retaining its original shape after someone lays on it for any significant amount of time.

DreamFoam Bedding 8-Inch1The reason I couldn’t give the DreamFoam five stars on recovery time was due to the ratio at which the two different foams are used. Because there’s such a low amount of low-density foam, having the inner layer soak up at least a little bit of weight is largely unavoidable. Still, the mattress’ overall recovery time is certainly above average.


While the DreamFoam’s overall level of durability certainly isn’t all that bad relative to other hybrid mattresses of its type, it is, in fact, still a hybrid mattress. Because its outer layer is made completely of a memory foam low in density, you may very well find it to be somewhat less repellent to standard wear and tear than foams which are higher in density.

Despite this, one will have a hard time accidentally inflicting any sort of deep damage to the mattress. This is due to the outer layer of low-density foam being rather small. One can expect the mattress to remain in perfect shape right behind the two-inch, low-density layer. To preserve the outside; however, one must take extra care to keep it from ripping.

Warranty Information

This is my biggest issue with the DreamFoam by far. While the manufacturer offers warranties on several mattresses in their lineup, there is absolutely no advertised warranty on this particular product. While this may not sound like a huge deal, it’s worth noting that for half the price of the DreamFoam, you can acquire a memory foam mattress with a warranty of ten years or more. The manufacturers give no indication of the mattress coming with a warranty and, considering it costs up to three hundred dollars on a good day, I’m not too thrilled with this aspect.

Overall Summary

If you can get past the lack of warranty and feel as if you’ll be able to properly care for your mattress, the DreamFoam may end up proving to be a great purchase. Because it offers a compromise between mattresses made for comfort and mattresses made for those with back problems, the DreamFoam can be great for couples who have different needs which may be met by a mattress. It has a great recovery time, it’s rather comfortable and it isn’t hard on one’s back. For a great all around product, try the DreamFoam on for size.

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