Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review


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Recovery Time

Take Comfort to the Next Level

Dynasty Mattress takes memory foam to the next level with the new cool breeze 12” gel memory foam mattress that is designed with support and comfort in mind.

The 4 layer construction provides many benefits for the sleeper that is unmatched in lesser quality foam beds.

The quality of this mattress easily compares to the better known name brands and comes out looking and feeling terrific.


A unique 4-layer construction makes up this 12” mattress from Dynasty Mattress.  Starting from the bottom you have a 5” high density foam base support which is then topped with 4” of Cool Airflow Foam Support that not only continued the medium firm support but aids in overheating that can sometimes be a problem with foam mattresses.  On top of that you will have 3” of gel foam that provides comfort that is second to none.

The cover is a luxurious cloth cover with suede on the corners, a fire barrier, and a zipper and is fully washable. You can expect medium firm support and comfort throughout the night with a little to no pain morning when you wake up refreshed and energetic.

Recovery Time

Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze 12 rtThe gel infused memory foam contours to the shape of the body and gently moves when the sleeper moves so you don’t have to worry about permanent indentations or craters forming after daily use.  The resilient foam is designed to stand up to daily use and with proper care; you will enjoy the benefits and comfort of this mattress for years to come.

As you sleep, the foam supports you and if you turn over, it gently fills in where you were and contours to your new sleep position.  Whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper, you will find this mattress comfortable.


Odor is a common concern with memory foam mattresses but that is not something that you will need to worry about with the Dynasty Mattress. CertiPUR-USA certified you will not have to worry about harmful materials being used in the construction of this mattress. It is low VOCs, contains no mercury, lead or prohibited phthalates, or latex and is allergen and dust mite resistant as well. This makes it a great choice for allergy sufferers or those with asthma.  Occasionally their might be a slight smell detected upon unwrapping the mattress but this is normal, not harmful and goes away in a few hours tops. By the time the mattress is expanded fully, the smell will be gone.


The Dynasty Mattress is a high ticket item that you want to know will last once you purchase it.  The materials and construction used are designed to create a durable and strong product that will stand up to the rigors of daily use and with proper care it does just that.  You won’t have to worry about replacing it every year. This is a mattress that you can expect to have for many years to come.

What are Other Customers Saying?

Customer comments and feedback is a great way to learn inside information about the performance of the Dynasty Mattress and how customers like it.  Most people are more than happy to talk about their experiences and this is information that you can’t find on a seller’s site.  Below are some of the comments that customers are leaving about this great mattress.

It’s easy to see that customers love the fact that they are not waking up with aches and pains anymore.  If you’re having poor quality sleep because of tossing and turning or you’re waking up with an aching neck or back, this mattress will help you fix that and sleep great night after night.

Warranty Info

Dynasty Mattress 14-Inch WarrantyJust when you thought this product couldn’t get any better, now you get to have the reassurance of a great 20 year warranty as well.

Warranties are great for buyer peace of mind and when a company stands behind their products, they are not afraid to give customers a great warranty.

Be sure to register the mattress once you get it home so your warranty is active.

Overall Summary

Dynasty Mattress may not be as well known as some of the name brands, but the quality and comfort you will experience with this mattress will far outweigh whether it has a brand name attached to it or not.  If you want to experience deeper sleep that is not filled with tossing and turning or pain, you will want to try this mattress. It’s perfect for those who love firm beds. You won’t be sorry.

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Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress