DynastyMattress 14-Inch Grand Cool Breeze Review


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The DynastyMattress can’t be done a whole lot of justice merely through the rating system set forth above. While said ratings are certainly accurate, the DynastyMattress doesn’t exactly follow the beaten math when it comes to the manufacture of mattresses. This is most apparent when one takes for example the comfort inherent in this mattress. It is not just the level of comfort that is out of the ordinary, but how the DynastyMattress achieves said comfort in the first place.

Perhaps the mattress’ most distinguishing characteristic is its ability to promote airflow. While you may not exactly feel as if you are sleeping on a fan, it does a great job of of keeping owners of the bed cool while they sleep on it. I find this particularly important, as the main issue regarding the level of comfort in your typical memory foam mattress revolves around its tendency to keep you very hot as you sleep. It’s nice to see a manufacturer incorporate a solution to a very common problem into their mattress.


The DynastyMattress is extremely firm when compared to other memory foam mattresses. If you have yet to experience a memory foam mattress, I’ll say that this particular unit could be described as being similar to an average spring mattress in terms of firmness. As anyone familiar with memory foam will tell you, this is extremely firm when speaking relatively. Still, the firmness inherent in the DynastyMattress is somewhat more “gentle” than that of spring mattresses.

The high level of firmness is primarily achieved through the lack of low-density foam used in the DynastyMattress’ make. While many layered mattresses will have an abundance of such foam spread across the top of the mattress, this is not the case here, as high-density foam tends to be the DynastyMattress’ first choice. And, as it turns out, a high occurrence of such foam also leads to a higher degree of quality, which is certainly a nice plus.

Recovery Time

14-Inch memory foamDMThis is the DynastyMattress’ biggest and only real drawback across the board. If a good recovery time (a mattress’ ability to quickly bounce back into shape after being laid upon) is important to you, I’d recommend skipping on to the next review, as you’ll have a hard time owning this particular model. Because such a large amount of high-density foam is used in its make, this mattress simply cannot bounce back all that quickly. This is the unfortunate case with all mattresses made of a similarly-dense material. Of coarse, whether the mattress’ benefits outweigh its poor recovery time is up to you to decide. Though, as it stands, it’s safe to say that the DynastyMattress has one of the very worst recovery times on the market.


At under four hundred dollars in price, finding a memory foam mattress as durable as the DynastyMattress within its price range is tough. In fact, doing so may very well prove to be an impossible endeavor. This is once again achieved through the manufacturer’s distaste for low-density foam in favor of foams of the high-density variety. Simply put, there is absolutely no memory foam in this day and age which can outmatch the durability of high-density memory foam. And, as it turns out, the DynastyMattress uses a whole lot of such foam.

However, I’ll note that this foam tends to be harder to clean than foams lower in density and quality. As such, the DynastyMattress’ great durability rating is largely meaningless unless you plan on giving your mattress a good clean every now and then to keep it in tip top shape. While high-density foam doesn’t soak up as much dirt as other foams, it typically takes longer to clean, being that there’s a whole lot more foam to clean per square footage of mattress.

Warranty Information

DynastyMattress 14-Inch WarrantyYou’ll likely never find a warranty on any memory foam mattress which is as good as that of the DynastyMattress. For starters, you’ll be covered from manufacturing errors for twenty years. Of coarse, this is well above the industry standard and is a huge plus.

You’ll also get a four-month “probational” period of sorts, wherein you’ll be able to return the mattress for any reason at all with no questions asked. This offers a large degree of brand trust and consumer protection, which are two things we should all hold in high regard.

Overall Summary

If you hate firm mattresses or poor recovery times, stay far away from the DynastyMattress. Otherwise, this is one of the very best memory foam mattresses you’ll likely come across. But don’t take my word for it. If after four months you’re not satisfied with the mattress in any way, you can return it for a full refund with no questions asked.

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DynastyMattress 14-Inch Grand Cool Breeze