DynastyMattress 8-Inch Cool GEL Memory Foam Mattress Review


Overall Rating
Recovery Time


The DynastyMattress is perhaps advertised as being a quasi-luxurious memory foam mattress which offers potential owners a touch of excellence for a (relatively) low price. While it has a few great features overall, its level of comfort is easily what most sticks out. I’d never say the DynastyMattress is best for those looking to correct back problems through the use of memory foam, nor would I say it’s the best for those who want the very most durable or cheap mattress on the market. If getting a comfortable mattress is high on your list of priorities; however, the DynastyMattress may just be the memory foam mattress for you through its many layers of memory foam which work together to offer the most consistent level of firmness (or lack thereof) on the market. Let’s take a closer look.


Compared to traditional spring mattresses, the DynastyMattress could be seen is downright flimsy. Compared to other memory foam mattresses, it could be seen as being close to average or perhaps a little bit less. However, it’s not the DynastyMattress’ level of firmness that makes it great, but rather the means by which it achieves said firmness.

DynastyMattress 8-Inch1Through the use of three different layers of memory foam, each with its own level of density, the level of firmness stays consistent throughout the mattress, keeping you away from the very bottom of the unit without bringing you to an abrupt stop when your weight sinks down to the middle. This is achieved through the use of low-density foam closer to the outside of the mattress and high-density foam closer to the inside. Those who like hybrid mattresses with two layers will absolutely love the DynastyMattress’ three.

Recovery Time

The DynastyMattress’ overall recovery time is just perfect. Once again, this is achieved through the layers with which it has been built. Said layers almost keep you “floating” on the mattress, meaning your weight is soaked up strategically. In layman’s terms, you’ll never find yourself compressing the inside of the mattress; only the outside. Also, the material used on the outside is great at recovering after being compressed. This means you’ll never have to wait for your mattress to bounce back into shape in the event you get up or roll over from your current position. The only way you can beat the DynastyMattress’ level of recovery time is to get a spring mattress.

I will note; however, that the recovery time may be slightly dependent upon one’s own body weight. The lighter the owner of the mattress, the quicker the mattress’ recovery time will ultimately be. Of course, if a mattress gets more compressed, it has more to recover from. Either way, it has a great recovery time for owners of all size.


This is truly the DynastyMattress’ only downfall. Because the high-density foam used in its make is tucked away in the middle of the mattress, the low-density foam on the outside is exposed and may be more prone to wear and tear than its high-density counterpart. Because of this, I simply cannot give the DynastyMattress a decent rating on its overall level of durability.

However, it’s worth noting that this is the case for all memory foam mattresses which incorporate layers into their make. In fact, I’d say the DynastyMattress is a bit better than the average mattress belonging to this category, being that it uses less low-density foam than most in favor of using a mid-density foam to keep its firmness consistent. If you like layered memory foam mattresses but don’t like their lack of durability, this mattress may be the perfect answer. Those looking for the durability of a spring mattress; however, may want to search around some more.

Warranty Information

DynastyMattress 10-inch2Don’t let the DynastyMattress’ durability rating scare you; with a twenty-year warranty, you can be sure your mattress’ life expectancy is still fairly high (assuming it’s properly taken care of). By weight of comparison, the DynastyMattress’ beats out the average mattress by twofold in its warranty alone, being that ten years seems to be the standard at this point in time. This far outweighs the mattress’ somewhat low level of overall durability.

Overall Summary

If it’s comfort you’re after, look no further than the DynastyMattress. It may not be the best for hurting backs or the softest on the market, though its consistency in terms of its firmness throughout is just something that can’t be beat by others in its price range. Couple that with its twenty-year warranty, and you’ve got yourself a winner. If you’re willing to spend over two hundred dollars on a memory foam mattress and don’t have back problems, I’d recommend taking a serious look at the DynastyMattress to see if it’s for you.

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