DynastyMattress- Full Therapeutic Deluxe 10″ with Cool AirFlow HD Memory Foam Mattress Review


Overall Rating
Recovery Time


The DynastyMattress- Full Therapeutic Deluxe 10″ with Cool AirFlow HD Memory Foam Mattress with High Quality Visco-Elastic Memory Foam is a high quality, yet very affordable mattress that is suitable for a variety of different sleepers. The mattress is made of 2 layers, one layer of 3 inch high density memory foam and one layer of 7 inch high resilience polyurethane base foam. This mattress tends to run in the very firm range, so it’s not quite recommended for those who want a softer mattress. This review will cover a variety of different aspects and rate each aspect on a scale of 1 to 5.


This mattress tends to be very firm, and is probably best only for those who enjoy a very firm sleeping experience. Those who enjoy a softer or more plush mattress will probably find this mattress to be way too firm. However, for those who enjoy this level of firmness, this mattress seems to be the perfect one for you, with perfect ratings across the board. Not only is this mattress very firm, but it’s also comfortable and very supportive, reducing pains and allowing the user to get a great night of rest. DynastyMattress- Full Therapeutic Deluxe1It’s also mention-able that even for those who have found this mattress to be a bit too firm at first, over the first week the mattress had seemed to soften up some, eventually reaching a perfect level. This of course is all boiled down to opinion and personal comfort preferences, though make no mistake that this mattress is definitely very firm.

Recovery Time

Due to the supreme firmness and high quality of this mattress, the recovery time scores very well, earning a 5. This mattress bounces back very quickly, leaving no impression for long. Because of this, not only does the bed keep it’s form well, but it also provides amazing support for all pressure points. The multi-layer construct of this bed allows for it to stay the shape it should without wearing down or becoming worn out. Also, due to the high density foam used in this mattress, both recovery time and durability are improved greatly. This bed easily receives a 5 out of 5 when it comes to recovery time.


There are many reasons why this mattress receives a 5 out of 5 stars in durability. This mattress is constructed of multi-layers creating a solid 10 inches of comfortable and very firm memory foam. It’s built with high quality materials and is made to last. Thanks to the use of high density foam, this mattress is much less likely to break down or deteriorate over time, even after years of use this mattress stands the test of durability and is perfect for anyone looking to spend a little but receive a lot in return.

Warranty Information

DynastyMattress- Full Therapeutic Deluxe2This mattress has perfect scores in nearly every aspect (though firmness is subjective to personal comfort preference) and warranty information is one of them. This mattress features a startling 20 year warranty that far outdoes many of it’s competitors. Not only is the warranty better than most of it’s competitor’s, but the information is easy to access and understand. However, with the high quality of this mattress, and many pleased customers, it’s unlikely buyers would ever even have to use this warranty to begin with.


This mattress is by far one of the best for such a low price, costing just a mere fraction of brand name competitors. This mattress is very firm, but is also comfortable and very supportive. The mattress manages to remain firm while also contouring to your body and relieving pressure around your joints. The mattress also provides support to where you need it, while allowing your body to sink in the areas that needs to. Not only is the mattress comfortable and supportive, but it’s also very well made, and is resistant to allergens, mold, mildew, bacteria and much more. This mattress is the perfect choice for those seeking high quality, extra firmness and comfort while still not wanting to pay extra for a brand name. Overall, this mattress is well worth the cost and is comparable to major brands, easily one of the better affordable memory foam mattresses on the market. Because of this, those seeking a firm memory foam mattress should be pleasantly surprised with this one.

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DynastyMattress- Full Therapeutic Deluxe 10″ with Cool AirFlow HD Memory Foam Mattress