DynastyMattress Therapeutic 12-Inch w/5″ Memory Foam Mattress-FULL Size Review


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This DynastyMattress Therapeutic 12-Inch w/5″ Memory Foam Mattress is a full sized memory foam mattress that is not only well made, but rather affordable compared to others like it. It’s made with 100% high density elastic memory foam with anti mite, anti dust, and anti allergen properties. It contours to your body, providing support and comfort where needed most. Many users have stated sleeping on this mattress has helped improved aches and pains that were once accelerated by sleeping on a traditional mattress. This review will cover multiple aspects of this mattress, and will rate each on a scale of 1 to 5, allowing readers to make a better informed decision before choosing a mattress to buy.


The firmness of this mattress is rated at medium firm, meaning that it’s not the softest mattress but isn’t the most firm either. This mattress is often softer to those who sleep on their sides and feels more firm to those who sleep on their backs. Because of this, not all sleepers will enjoy this mattress, though those who generally prefer their mattress to be slightly firmer will enjoy this mattress much more than those who really like to sink into their mattress. This mattress also holds weight extremely well, making it comfortable for all sizes and shapes to sleep on. Because the mattress is medium firm, one should not expect to sink into the mattress more than 2 inches at most, but should expect to be comfortable and have their body to be cradled and supported where it’s supposed to.

Recovery Time

DynastyMattress Therapeutic 12-Inch1The recovery time of this mattress is on par with others of it’s kind and in it’s price range. This mattress has no issues with recovery time for the first few months to years, but after a few years some users have found that this mattress had begin to “lose it’s memory.” Because of this, the recovery time isn’t as stellar as it could be but isn’t necessarily awful either. It should be noted that this mattress does handle weight well, and does have a good recovery time score for the mattress’s price range and make. A score of 4 isn’t a terrible score for a bed like this, though there is room for some improvement.


Durability is often a “make it or break it” aspect of buying a product, especially an important product like a mattress. This is to be expected, as people want to get the quality they pay for. This mattress seems to do fairly well in terms of durability. Some users have had some minor issues with the bed after long periods of use, though many have not. This mattress seems to hold up fairly well for how much you pay for it and how it’s made. Considering this, the mattress should still give a minimum of 1-3 years of use before even the most minor issues begin to arise, which for the price is a good amount of time.

Warranty Information

DynastyMattress Therapeutic 12-Inch2The warranty information for this mattress is exceptionally easy to find, and is posted right under the description in it’s Amazon sales page. Not only is the warranty information easy to find, but the warranty is a standard/good warranty for a mattress of this type. This mattress comes with a 120 day in home trial and 20 year warranty, which is a very generous warranty considering other warranties of similar mattresses.


This mattress is a decent mattress for the asking price, which is a pure fraction of what other memory foam mattresses cost. It seems to be decently made, and seems to hold up pretty well for a reasonable amount of time. This mattress also seems to be comfortable, as long as the user likes added firmness to their mattress. Not only is the mattress itself pretty on par with others like it, it has a very good warranty that comes along with it, adding some peace of mind to the purchase. For the price one would pay for this mattress, it is likely that they will indeed get their money’s worth. While some issues with the mattress have been reported, no major issues have and overall, this mattress seems like a pretty decent buy for the money, even if some areas could use some minor improvements. This is a memory foam mattress that should be considered for those looking for a decent mattress at a decent price.

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DynastyMattress Therapeutic 12-Inch w/5″ Memory Foam Mattress-FULL Size