Furinno Angeland 6″ Healthy Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review


Overall Rating
Recovery Time


The Furinno Angeland advertises itself as being a memory foam mattress which specializes in no particular area, though covers all of the basics and covers them well. It has no special foam ratio or placement, nor does it claim to be the softest or most firm memory foam mattress on the market. What it does do; however, is offer customers a durable, functional, reliable and rather generic memory foam mattress at an agreeable price.

I won’t say the Furinno Angeland is good for everybody, though it may most pique the interests of those who simply want a memory foam mattress for the comfort it provides and aren’t worried about any special features. The Furinno Angeland takes a lot of the guessing game out of the equation through performing exceptionally well as an otherwise everyday, run-of-the-mill memory foam mattress. Unless you’re looking for something more specific (a mattress that fixes back problems, an exceptionally soft mattress, etc.), the Furinno Angeland may be just what you’ve been looking for in your next memory foam purchase.


While the Furinno Angeland may not be the absolute softest mattress on the market, it’s pretty close. If there’s anything that it even comes close to specializing in, it’s contouring. No matter the owners shape, weight or size, the Furinno Angeland will do an excellent job of wrapping around one’s body. While this may not be the best for back and shoulder health (firmer mattresses are typically see as being superior in this regard), it’s certainly comfortable, assuming you’re the type to appreciate soft mattresses.

Those who find very soft spring mattresses to exhibit just the right level of firmness may actually find the Furinno Angeland to be too soft. Likewise, those unable to find a traditional mattress which is soft enough for their own taste will likely appreciate what the Furinno Angeland has to offer.

Recovery Time

Before I get into the Furinno Angeland’s overall recovery time, it’s worth noting that softer memory foam mattresses typically take longer to recover, being that they usually have more to recover from. As such, one can’t expect this mattress to recover as quickly as mattresses on the firmer end of the scale. Unfortunately, softness and quick recovery usually don’t go hand in hand.

Furinno Angeland 61On the other hand, the Furinno Angeland’s recovery time is great when one considers how soft the mattress actually is. When stacked up to mattresses of an equal (or slightly higher) firmness, you’ll notice this unit’s recovery time to be well above par. As previously stated, the Furinno Angeland covers the basics ad covers them well, answering many of the complaints many have had of previous memory foam mattresses.


The durability here is just perfect. While the Furinno Angeland is simply a great overall mattress, if I had to pick its best selling point overall, it would have to be the durability. When you’re spending three figures on anything at all, it’s perfectly reasonable to expect that it will stick around for at least a decade. With the Furinno Angeland, there’s no doubt in my mind that a decade is a very achievable goal.

What’s interesting here is, once again, how this feature stacks up to mattresses which exhibit the same amount of firmness as the Furinno Angeland. Typically, softer memory foam mattresses just aren’t all that durable when compared to their firmer counterparts. For whatever reason, this mattress has broken away from this rule and offers us a soft piece of memory foam that is sure to stick around for quite some time. It’s nice to see a manufacturer break away from the trends in this context.

Warranty Information

The Furinno Angeland comes with a ten-year warranty. It’s worth noting; however, that the manufacturer does a poor job of advertising this. Coupled with the fact that each of their mattresses come with a different warranty, I wouldn’t feel right unless I recommended you look into any mattress’ warranty that falls under this brand. Still, ten years has become the gold standard in the world of memory foam mattresses and is a perfectly reasonable length of time to expect to get out of a mattress. Besides, you’ll likely be able to squeeze twice as many years out of this mattress anyways.

Overall Summary

The Furinno Angeland is just a great overall mattress. It’s not the absolute best for those with back problems and it’s not the absolute cheapest memory foam mattress currently available on the market. However, it ranks quite high in nearly every regard, ensuring its owners will run into little issue in the future. Unless you have your mind set on a specific mattress with very specific characteristics, the Furinno Angeland will prove to be one of the safer purchases you can make.

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Furinno Angeland 6″ Healthy Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress