What Is Gel Memory Foam

Simply put, gel memory foam refers to a special polyurethane with additional chemicals to enhance the overall density and viscosity of any given mattress. In most cases, this particular type of materials of often referred to as low resilience polyurethane foam. Furthermore, these types of mattresses have special designs that soften in response to your body heat, thereby allowing it to conform to your warm body in minimal time. The faster speed of recovery of the foam to its original shape after the weight has been removed in some cases believed to be the main benefits of memory foam mattresses. The mattresses have over the years gone from being a contemporary fad to an important aspect of a day to day lives. This is because its where most of us get the chance to unwind and recover in time for tomorrow’s activities and goals as well.


What Is Gel Memory Foam

It’s important to note that these particular types of mattresses were produced in 1966 by a Nasa scientist in the Ames Research Center to enhance the safety of their aircraft operations.

When Nasa finally released their memory foam products to the general public in the early nineteen eighties, a company known as Fagerdala World Foams was one of the first companies willing to incorporate these particular materials into their designs.

This particular type of mattress foam then became a prevalent addition in the realms of the medical world. For instance, this particular type of mattress was common in cases where the patient was required to rest in an immobile position on their bed for a long duration of time. It was noted that the conventional mattresses would often lead to decreased pressure in some various parts of body regions decreased or even reduced the flow of blood as well. However, the gel memory foam was seen to reduce these types of effects and even more.

Gel memory foam mattresses often have a higher density as when compared to the conventional types of mattress, thereby meaning more support and comfort as well. Moreover, these mattresses are often costlier than the conventional mattresses due to their special design features and benefits as well. The rigidity and durability of a particular mattress are often measured and indicated to allow users to choose the models that suit their needs the most.

All the benefits of traditional memory foam:

Unlike the conventional mattress types, the gel memory foam mattress is often higher priced but are designed to provide a broad spectrum of design benefits for the user. Some of the main ones include:

Enhanced air circulation

Gel memory foam mattresses are made using special gel beads that are infused into the memory foam, and this leads to a better cell structure that enhances airflow in the mattress. The heat from the user’s body is controlled instead of collecting on the mattress thereby making it highly uncomfortable. As a result, you are sure of a comfortable and comfortable sleeping experience each time.

Balanced support:

The gel memory foam mattresses provide an excellent yet comfortable surface to rest on, and it also accommodates the user’s body. In this way, the user does not sink in too deeply into the mattress and the special foam material is built to provide long-lasting balance support for your unique needs. In most cases, the gel foam products are designed to provide additional support such that you can achieve the ideal levels of contact.

Pressure relief:

Side sleepers may often complain of pains in the shoulders or perhaps the hip section, especially after a long nights rest. For this reason, memory foam mattress provides sufficient support such users wake up without the pains associated with the conventional mattress design. Simply put, the memory foam mattress supports the body such that the delicate pressure points have sufficient comfort.


Given all these points, gel memory foam mattresses are an excellent investment for anyone who wants to experience top quality resting results every time. This is because these mattresses have special design features and provide a broad spectrum of benefits to make them an ideal addition to your unique needs. While they may often have a higher price than the conventional mattresses, the benefits make them a worthwhile addition to your regime.