How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

While deep cleaning your home, you should pay special attention to your bed as well. When you have a memory foam topper on your bed, don’t neglect it while you are doing your cleaning. Thorough and regular cleaning is necessary to keep your memory foam mattress topper clean and free from allergens, bacteria and dust mites. Letting spills or dust to settle into your topper can make even the best mattress topper unsightly and unpleasant.

Memory Foam Mattress TopperCleaning your memory foam topper, however, requires skills, and it should never be soaked in water since it will absorb the water during washing. Your topper can’t be washed with a washing machine either due to its size, not to mention the agitation from the machine could lead to the mattress breaking up. Cleaning manually is the best method to properly clean your mattress topper.

  • The first thing to do is to remove the topper from your bed and put it in an area which has good circulation, which can be outdoors or in a room with an open window. Be sure it is on a hard or firm surface.
  • After it’s rested properly on a hard surface, vacuum it with a hose attachment. Use gentle circular motions to do this as you are removing any fragments or particles from both sides. If your mattress topper has some small gaps, try to get in between the gaps as much as you can so you can thoroughly clean it. Remember that crevices will increase the surface area of the foam.

If there are some stains on your foam topper, use a clean cotton cloth to clean it which has been dipped in a bit of gentle laundry detergent mixed with water. Wipe the stained areas gently, erasing the stains and getting the topper cleaner in the end.

  • Next, take a bit of warm water and more laundry detergent and mix them in a spray bottle, in a ratio of 2:1. You can then spray this solution over the mattress topper, covering the entire surface. Do not drench the memory foam, however. Give the solution a few hours to settle after you’ve sprayed it on before you go to the next step.
  • Once the solution has sat on your memory foam for a while, take a fresh cotton cloth that has been dampened with clean water. Use it to remove the detergent, pressing the mattress which ensures that it is fully cleaned. As you find it necessary, rinse the cloth for thorough results. You should do this on both sides of the mattress to make sure the whole surface is cleaned thoroughly.
  • After you are done with this process, lay the memory foam topper out on a flat, shady area or in a room that is properly aired with open windows. This will help to make sure the topper is totally dried, therefore eliminating any chances of the formation of mildew. Leave the memory topper like this (if it is inside) for twenty-four hours or until you are sure that it’s completely dried.