Icon Sleep 8 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review


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Recovery Time


The Icon Sleep is one of the most unique memory foam mattresses on the market. This is not due to its physical appearance, nor is it the way it feels that sets it apart from similar products. What makes the Icon Sleep so different from other mattresses of its type is largely due to the types of materials used in its make, as well as the placement and ratios of said materials. The mattress blends features found in several sub-classes of memory foam which are already seen by most as being rather unique.

More specifically, the Icon Sleep uses a blend of memory foam gel technology with hybrid technology; a technology which typically lends itself to the blending of high-density and low-density memory foam in an effort to offer the supportive benefits of heavier mattresses while offering some of the soft comfort of lighter mattresses lower in density. The Icon Sleep; however, does away with the low-density foam in favor of replacing it with gel, giving us a slightly different experience than what the vast majority of us have become accustomed to.


As a whole, the Icon Sleep’s level of firmness is somewhere in the middle. However, giving it a rating in this regard truly does it no justice, being that it achieves its firmness through unorthodox means which go on to change the overall feeling of the mattress. I’d most equate this mattress to a hybrid mattress (a mattress which uses high-density foam in the middle and low-density foam on the outside), being that the upper layer is more likely to wrap around you.

The key difference is that, while the Icon Sleep will certainly be at least somewhat less firm on the outside, its outer layer is quite thin. As such, you’ll still get the same outer of softness of a hybrid mattress, though you’ll get a larger degree of back support from the inner layer. This is because the efficiency of the outer layer means it can be thinner while still giving a great overall effect. Those with back problems who just can’t stand the soft mattresses recommended to them may appreciate this mattress, which gives a great level of softness without being too hard on one’s back.

Recovery Time

Icon Sleep 8 Inch1While the outer layer is efficient in terms of increasing the mattress’ overall level of comfort, it’s not efficient when it comes to reducing its recovery time. At the end of the day, the Icon Sleep is primarily made of high-density memory foam. Because said foam has no low-density foam protecting it from high amounts of weight (as is usually the case with hybrid mattresses), you’ll find the inner layer to get compressed very easily. As always, high-density foam may have a hard time of bouncing back to life after having any substantial amount of pressure put on it.


Typically, hybrid mattresses which have softer foams used on the outside will have a lower level of overall durability. This is due to memory foam of a lower density being less resistant to damage than that of a higher density. However, the Icon Sleep has no issue here, being that it has swapped out the use of the usual low-density foam in favor of high-density foam which has been infused with gel. This is a great alternative for those who like soft mattresses but don’t like the lack of durability typically inherent in such models. The only potential issue here revolves around cleaning the mattress. While high-density foam typically soaks up less dirt and grime, it also tends to take a little more effort to clean. Assuming one puts forth the required amount of effort; however, the Icon Sleep should prove to stand the test of time.

Warranty Information

Typically, ten-year warranties are seen as the golden standard when it comes to mattresses made fully or partly of memory foam. As such, it’s certainly a nice added bonus to see that the Icon Sleep comes with an entire twenty years of protection. If the above bit on the Icon Sleep’s durability left you unconvinced, the manufacturer’s generous warranty should help. At twenty years, I have no complaints regarding the mattress’ warranty.

Overall Summary

The Icon Sleep is just an overall great mattress. While it may not be overly impressive when it comes to recovery time, it offers a great deal of comfort and a long warranty for a fair price. Perhaps its most impressive feature is its ability to offer a softer solution to those with back problems who have a keen liking for softer mattresses. All in all, it offers the vast majority of the benefits found in high-density memory foam while eliminating many of the issues inherent in its use (such as being too firm for some folks). If you like the idea of high quality memory foam that doesn’t feel overly stiff, the Icon Sleep may be just the mattress for you.

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Icon Sleep 8 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress