LINENSPA 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review


Overall Rating
Recovery Time


The LINENSPA, as its name might suggest, is a mattress made entirely of a memory foam which has been infused with gel. Unlike many memory foam mattresses nowadays, which are often marketed solely as a means to combat poor back health or preserve good back health or have other specific benefits, the LINENSPA advertises itself as nothing more than a memory foam mattress who’s sole purpose is to do nothing else other than keep those sleeping in it extra comfortable.

Despite perhaps having a rather generic and unexciting purpose, the LINENSPA goes about offering a high degree of comfort through not-so-generic means. Because it is gel infused, it doesn’t rely on the same tactics as most memory foam mattresses do to keep their owners comfortable. In fact, those who are unfamiliar with gel-infused foam may read the LINENSPA’s specs and come to the conclusion that it isn’t comfortable at all. Luckily, this couldn’t be further from the truth.


The LINENSPA sits somewhere right below the middle of the firmness spectrum. While its firmness may only be slightly less than average when stacked up to other memory foam mattresses, its firmness is downright non-existent when compared to that of traditional spring mattresses. Those unsure of whether or not a memory foam mattress is for them would do well by a product such as this, being that it still has at least a little bit of back support.

LINENSPA 10 Inch1While many memory foam mattress of mild to moderate firmness will often rely on low-density memory foam, this is not the case with the LINENSPA. This particular mattress, despite its softness, uses high-density memory foam throughout its make. As such, it can be assumed that it is a relatively safer alternative to other mattresses of equal softness. While I’d never recommend this over a therapeutic mattress for those with back problems, it could certainly act as a harm reduction measure for those dead set on staying away from more firm mattresses.

Recovery Time

As mentioned above, the means by which the LINENSPA achieves its level of softness is vastly different than most mattresses of equal softness. While this can only be a good thing when it comes to back health, the same can’t be said of the mattress’ overall recovery time – which is quite lacking, to be frank.

Typically, softer mattresses have an excellent recovery time due to the use of low-density foam (a foam which is generally seen as being of a lower quality) used throughout the mattress. Because the LINENSPA refrains from using such foam; however, the recovery time here just isn’t all that great when stacked up to mattresses of an equal firmness. As you can see, whether or not the LINENSPA’s gel technology is a good thing all comes down to a matter of priorities and preference.


If there’s one thing that the aforementioned gel technology does right, it’s giving us a large degree of softness without the flimsiness inherent in similar mattresses. Nine times out of ten, a memory foam mattress’ level of durability all boils down to one thing – the type of foam used in its construction. As it turns out, the LINENSPA uses foam of a very high quality; a feature rarely seen in mattresses of its type. Because of this, you’ll find the mattress to be much more resilient to wear and tear than similarly soft mattresses.

The reason I gave it a four out of five – as opposed to a five out of five – rating is due solely to the fact that high-density (high-quality) memory foam is typically hard to clean when used in any substantial volume. However, by spending an extra five minutes cleaning your mattress, this issue can be solved quite easily. Still, those who couldn’t be bothered doing so may find themselves inclined to throw out their mattress before the end of its otherwise long life expectancy. For those who have no issue spending a bit of extra time cleaning, the LINENSPA gets a five star rating in the durability department.

Warranty Information

LINENSPA 10 Inch2If you’re a fan of consumer protection, you’ll love the LINENSPA’s warranty. At twenty-five years, this mattress’ warranty is two and a half times as lengthy as that found in your average memory foam mattress. This also goes on to further confirm the mattress’ level of durability.

Overall Summary

If you have a bad back, you should stay away from soft mattresses. If you refuse to do so, the LINENSPA may be a great way to go about reducing harm. Despite being extremely soft, it is made with high-density, high-quality foam; a trait typically not seen in mattresses of its type. Despite its less-than-perfect recovery time, many will find the LINENSPA’s warranty, softness and durability to be well worth their money.

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