LinenSpa 6″ Innerspring Mattress Review


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The LinenSpa Innerspring Mattress is what could only be accurately described as a “hybrid” of sorts. Through the use of foam, this spring mattress offers the great firmness and back support one might expect to find in more traditional mattresses while offering the comfort inherent in memory foam. Because of this, the style meets somewhere in the middle of the road in a way that leaves something of value for everyone. While it may not be as soft as mattresses made completely of memory foam, or as firm as a traditional spring mattress, it offers owners a little bit of everything. As such, it has a few benefits that one may not expect to find in a mattress, benefits which we’ll now briefly cover. If you’ve been on the edge as to whether or not you need a memory foam mattress, the LinenSpa Innerspring Mattress may be just the compromise you’ve you’re looking for.


The Innerspring’s overall level of firmness is likely what most sets it apart from other mattresses which incorporate any amount of memory foam in their make. While many mattresses may have a thin layer of said foam on the topmost portion of the mattress, the Innerspring actually uses a layer of high-density (high-quality) memory foam in the middle of the mattress. As such, you’ll experience more of a “deep” softness than you would with similar mattresses. LinenSpa 61Instead of sinking in an inch or two and bringing up completely as your body weight hits the springs, you’ll get a nice, consistent softness that allows you to sink in quite a bit. At the same time, this is not one of those mattresses which may have a wine glass placed on its surface without worry of it spilling. For couples with varying tastes in terms of mattress firmness, the Innerspring is a great choice.

Recovery Time

Because the Innerspring’s memory foam is placed within the mattress (as opposed to on top of the mattress), you’ll find that it never gets fully compressed, no matter the weight of the bed’s owner. That being the case, you will likely never find yourself waiting for one side of the mattress to bounce back to baseline before rolling over in bed. Perhaps the mattress’ hybrid status gives it a bit of an unfair advantage when comparing its recovery time and elasticity to other mattresses, though this is a great feature we can all appreciate. All in all, if you’re content with the recovery time of a traditional spring mattress (which is almost instantaneous), you’ll likely be please with the Innerspring’s recovery time. It might take an extra second or two to bounce back in the very worst case scenario.


One of the problems with a whole lot of memory foam mattresses is that they’re made of such a fragile material; it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to put a hole in memory foam. Because the Innerspring’s outer design resembles that of a spring mattress; however, you’ll likely not find this to be an issue. This obviously offers some of the advantages of a memory foam mattress without some of the durability concerns inherent in most models. I’ll also note that the mattress is easy to maintain. Because the inside of the mattress (an area that is usually very difficult to clean) is made of memory foam (a mattress material that is usually very easy to clean), you’ll find giving your mattress a deep clean to be a rather easy ordeal. For those who often get rid of their mattresses due to a buildup of dirt and other nasty things over time, this goes on to further increase the unit’s overall level of durability.

Warranty Information

LinenSpa 62The Innerspring Mattress comes complete with a ten-year warranty. While this may not exactly sound outstanding, it’s quite good for mattresses which incorporate memory foam into their make. Such mattresses often offer warranties as low as five years. Couple that with the manufacturer’s apparent on-par customer service and you’ll likely never have to worry about faulty products, as they are few and far between and getting the occasional dud replaced is a seamless ordeal. If it’s a bit of extra consumer security you’re after, the Innerspring should prove to work just fine.

Overall Summary

The spring-foam hybrid technology is what most sets this mattress apart from many others which are currently available on the market. It’s great for those sharing the bed with a spouse who may have different tastes in terms of softness, it has a great recovery time, it’s easy to clean and you can expect to be treated to some great customer support in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. While it may not be a great choice for those looking for the softest memory foam mattress available, it can certainly be a great choice for everyone else.

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