LUCID 14 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review


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Despite perhaps not being advertised as such, the LUCID 14 Inch follows a manufacturing equation which is quite dissimilar from other memory foam mattresses. While it may be rated similarly to other mattresses to distinguish some of its specs (such as its level of firmness), it has one rather large distinguishing factor – its ability to keep its owner(s) very cool as they sleep.

For some time now, memory foam mattresses haven’t been the top choice among those who often find themselves getting a little too warm as they sleep. This is due to memory foam’s ability to “wrap” around those laying on it to some degree, which goes on to insulate them in a sense. The LUCID 14 Inch; however, focuses on reducing the impact of such insulation through using ventilated foam near the top of the mattress, making it one of the few comfortable solutions for those who get hot as they sleep. While its ventilation is its most distinguishable feature, let’s take a closer look at some of the mattress’ standard specs and how they stack up to that other mattresses.


The LUCID 14 Inch is made entirely of high-density memory foam. While most mattresses made with layers incorporate the use of low-density memory foam in their make, this is not the case with the LUCID 14 Inch. Instead, the ventilation in the top layer provides an extra (albeit very small) degree of softness. Still, the mattress is very firm overall when compared to memory foam products as a whole.

LUCID 14 Inch1Because the LUCID 14 Inch has no low-density memory foam used in its make, it is an excellent choice for those with concerns regarding their back health. Although it may not advertise itself as such a product, there’s no doubt that the high amount of memory foam used in the mattress’ construction makes it an excellent choice for such folks. This is especially true for those looking for a layered mattress, as most layered mattresses use low-density foam or two in their make – a memory foam which is typically seen as being unhealthy for already-unhealthy backs.

Recovery Time

While memory foam of a higher density is (rightfully) seen as being of a higher quality, it always comes with one major drawback – a poor recovery time. Long story shot, high-density memory foam has more material packed into each square inch of mattress. As such, the mattress in question will have more material which needs to recover after having been laid down upon. While most folks find a poor recovery time to be a fair price to pay for such high-quality foam, it’s certainly worth taking note of. If you’re absolutely dead set on acquiring a mattress who’s recovery time could be seen as average or better, the LUCID 14 Inch may prove only to disappoint.


One of the bigger advantages of high-density memory foam is its high level of durability. As such, you can expect the LUCID 14 Inch to last for several decades before one need even consider replacing it. This is a particularly nice trait to see in a mattress which incorporates the use of layers into its construction, as similar mattresses often ave a flimsy outer layer which could be seen as being less than durable.

However, I’ll note that the LUCID 14 Inch consists of fourteen inches of very dense foam. As such, you’ll have a lot of material to clean when the time comes to do so. It’s not that the LUCID 14 Inch needs to be cleaned more often (in fact, it hardly needs to be cleaned at all), it’s that when it does need to cleaned, you can expect it to be a rather large job.

Warranty Information

LUCID 14 Inch2You’ll have a hard time finding a memory foam mattress with as good a warranty as the LUCID 14 Inch. In fact, mattresses up to five times the price of the LUCID 14 Inch often come with warranties lasting less than half as long. Upon purchasing the mattress, you’ll be entitled to an entire twenty-five years of coverage, ensuring the folks down at Lucid send you the right product the first time. In the very rare circumstance that someone has an issue with the mattress in question, the staff seems to be very polite and very prompt in resolving any issues.

Overall Summary

For those who find they get too hot as they sleep, the LUCID 14 Inch is an obvious choice. Not only does it tend to be cooler than most memory foam mattresses, it’s even cooler than your average spring mattress. As anyone who’s used both is by now aware, this is a huge deal. It’s also great for those who appreciate layered mattresses but would prefer to stay away from mattresses built with low-density foam(s). While it may be rather specific in who its target audience is, the LUCID 14 Inch is excellent when used by the right person.

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