LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review


Overall Rating
Recovery Time


The LUCID memory foam mattress uses a blend of both high and low-density memory foams. While this isn’t exactly unheard of in the realm of memory foam mattresses, the LUCID mattress advertises itself as being a solution to similar hybrid mattresses which tend to be very soft, even when compared to other memory foam products. While perhaps not as hard as a spring or high-density memory foam mattress, the high-to-low-density ratio is rather high in this product, giving potential owners the comfort inherent in such hybrid mattresses without it feeling too soft. This makes it great for those who like a little bit of softness in their mattress while still reaping the health benefits of sleeping on high-density memory foam every night. Those who like the idea of such hybrid mattresses though find them to be too soft will likely appreciate what the LUCID has to offer.


Assigning the LUCID’s firmness a rating was tough. For the sake of simplicity, its rating reflects its firmness when stacked up to similar hybrid mattresses, being that such mattresses are a consumer sector of their own these days. If one were to compare the mattress to a spring or high-density foam mattress, the LUCID would get no more than two out of fine on the firmness scale.

LUCID 6 Inch1Because we’re comparing the mattress to other hybrids on the markets, I’ll note that those with experience with such mattresses will likely find the LUCID to be quite firm. It has a two to one high-to-low-density ratio, making it rather firm and great on your back, though you’ll be able to sink an inch or two into the outer layer of low-density memory foam before this becomes apparent. The addition of low-density foam makes it great for those with back problems who would rather not skimp on comfort.

Recovery Time

Compared to a large portion of memory foam mattresses, the LUCID does a great job at quickly retaining its original shape after having had pressure applied to its surface. This is primarily achieved through the use of different foams in its make, as well as the placement of said foams. Because the outer layer of low-density foam is rather thin at only two inches, you’ll find it to bounce back very quick. The high-density foam, while more abundant in volume, is situated beneath the low-density foam. As such it won’t get as compressed in the first place, meaning it has less to recover from. Typically, the weight of he or she who lays in the bed will change the recovery time of the inner layer of memory foam. For the most part; however, this shouldn’t be an issue. For the majority of people, the LUCID will have a great recovery time.


Anyone familiar with the science of memory foam and its different densities has likely already concluded that the LUCID just isn’t going to be the most durable memory foam mattress on the market. Because low-density memory foam is typically seen as being less durable, and because said foam is on the outer edge of the mattress, one just can’t expect the unit to be the most durable out there.

However, if one were to compare the LUCID to similar mattresses exhibiting the above characteristic, it’s safe to say that it stacks up quite well. If you’re dead set on getting a mattress who’s outer layer consists of low-density memory foam, you can’t go wrong with the LUCID for its durability alone. Still, when stacked up to high-density memory foam or spring mattresses, it doesn’t hold up as great. Whether or not the purchase is worth it despite this all comes down to a matter of priorities.

Warranty Information

Lucid 8-Inch Memory warrantyIf the above durability score scares you, the LUCID’s included warranty should patch its reputation up and then some. At a length of twenty-five years, it’s hard to find a mattress who’s warranty is as good as the LUCID’s. This is especially true for memory foam mattresses, who’s warranties very rarely stretch beyond the ten year mark. This acts both as a bit of assurance that your mattress is of a high quality as well as a frugal measure. At under two hundred dollars, a twenty-five-year guarantee is certainly a nice characteristic to see in any sort of purchase.

Overall Summary

I would most recommend the LUCID mattress to those who prioritize their back health though would prefer a mattress which is at least somewhat soft. It’s comfortable, it’s supportive, it includes a twenty-five-year warranty and you get it all for under two hundred dollars. Even if back health isn’t an issue, it’s hard not to see the value in purchasing the LUCID for yourself. In fact, I’d recommend it over a wide variety of similar hybrid mattresses due to its value and warranty alone.

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