Memory Foam Mattresses for Back Pain

Even though it is frequently one of the most expensive options available when it comes to purchasing a new bed, memory foam has its benefits for anyone with back pain and could be worth the added cost.


Known for their ability to conform to your body, memory foam mattresses soften, relax and bend when you lay down, supporting each part of your body, which includes your spine. Completely supporting the spine will keep it in the right alignment, relieving back pain issues that result from poor alignment while sleeping. Memory foam will also keep the rest of your body in alignment, plus lowering the stress on your shoulders and hips which could lead to back pain.

memory foam mattress for back pain

A high quality Memory Foam Mattress relieves back pain.

Pressure Points

Memory foam mattresses have a visco-elastic nature that lets them conform to any pressure points of your body. Memory foam becomes more conforming and softer as it reacts to the warmth of your body. Pressure points are small areas that handle a big proportion of body weight. Regular pressure points include the shoulders, hips and knees. Memory foam assists in cradling these pressure points, which also gives you added comfort for your back.


When you have a back injury, you need adequate rest for it to heal. Your body heals most efficiently while you are sleeping, and because of this, an uninterrupted night of sleep which is vitally important for healing injuries in your back. Memory foam mattress gives several qualities which increase your comfort. They are sensitive to temperature, absorbing or dissipating heat as is needed so that the mattress stays at a temperature that is comfortable. They are hypo-allergenic as well which benefits anyone who suffers from allergies while sleeping. Plus, since they absorbed pressure and energy so well, the shift motions and movements of others won’t keep waking you up, letting you get a more restful night’s sleep.


Think about using a standard mattress with a memory foam topper instead of a full memory foam mattress. A majority of bath and bed stores will have simple, thing memory foam mattresses which you put on top of your regular mattress. Memory foam toppers are available in sizes from one to five inches in thickness. They are also a lot more affordable than the full sized memory foam mattresses, but still give you a lot of the same benefits for your health. They are also available in the same standard mattress sizes including king, queen, double and twin.


Memory foam isn’t used for just mattresses, but can also be found in pillows as well. Memory foam pillows are a big change compared to the soft feather pillows a majority of people are used to using. The firm memory foam pillows, however, could give you more neck support which a lot of people need for a peaceful night’s sleep. For anyone who has soreness in their neck after sleeping, or struggle with sleep apnea frequently, a memory foam pillow could help to lift their head and support their neck.