How are Memory Foam Mattresses Made?

How are Memory Foam Mattresses Made

Have you ever looked at a memory foam mattress and wondered how it was manufactured or what materials were used to make it? If you have, you’re not alone. This is a question that many people have pondered. This is especially true when you place your hand on a memory foam mattress and then watch it leave a perfect imprint of your hand once you remove the pressure. It probably makes you wonder what types of materials are used to create a product that is capable of doing this. You might be surprised to learn what the materials are, and how the mattress is made.

An Innovative Design

Several years ago, when these mattresses started becoming popular, people were talking about how they were developed for NASA and used by astronauts in space. Obviously, this is something that got the attention of most individuals who heard the commercials. However, that still didn’t explain to them how the mattresses were manufactured or what they were made from. For years, this seemed to remain something of a secret. But, over time, the information has become more and more well-known in relation to how thesemattresses are manufactured. While it is true that the mattresses do indeed utilize technology that was initially commissioned by NASA, they’re not quite as space-age as you might think.

How are Memory Foam Mattresses Made


In short, a memory foam mattress is created by combining polyurethane and a few other lesser-known chemicals in order to create this special mattress that is capable of transforming its shape to fit your body. If you’re wondering how this is accomplished, it’s done through a set of tiny air chambers that are virtually impossible to detect with the naked eye. The mattress is filled with them, and that’s what gives it its flexibility. When you place your hand on it,or you lay on it, those air chambers shift so that the mattress can move to support you. That’s why there’s always an imprint left after you get up from the mattress because those little air chambers haven’t yet redistributed themselves.

How are Memory Foam Mattresses Made

Constructing the Mattress

The construction process is a lot simpler than the process involved in making a box spring mattress, largely because it’s a one-piece mattress that’s chemically produced. In other words, factories that produce memory foam mattresses do so by combining the chemicals in large quantities and then merely stamping out the mattress to a specific size. This means there are fewer steps involved in creating a memory foam mattress versus one of the more traditional examples. The question is, how will it work for you?

How are Memory Foam Mattresses Made

Is Quality an Issue?

If you’re looking at a mattress that is made by mixing chemicals and cut out by a large machine to fit your bed, you might be wondering if you’re going to have to deal with some quality issues later on down the road. The good news is that these mattresses are surprisingly resilient. You might think that after several uses it would no longer be capable of redistributing those air chambers in order to regain its original form, but that’s not an issue. If it is something that concerns you, make sure that you purchase a high-quality mattress as opposed to one of the more economical versions.That way, you’re not as likely to run into these problems,and you will then be able to use your mattress for years to come without worrying about whether or not it will continue to support you properly.

Most people find that they really like these types of mattresses and once they use one just to try it out, they’re usually sold on them from that point forward. If you have any doubts, those doubts are typically alleviated the first time you have any first-hand experience with a mattress like this. For most individuals, they provide the comfort that people are searching for and they give you the support you need,so you don’t wake up with all kinds of aches and pains every morning. At the very least, it’s worth looking into because it might be the difference between you getting a good night’s sleep or staying up half the night.