Memory Foam Solutions Four-Pound Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Review


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The Memory Foam Solutions mattress is one of the more complex memory foam mattresses on today’s market. The mattress has many different benefits which are all achieved through the use of many different proven memory foam technologies used in conjunction with one anther to give owners the best of many different worlds without many of the drawbacks inherent in any given type of memory foam. While it certainly won’t be for everyone, those who appreciate the Memory Foam Solutions’ features will really appreciate its features. What makes it so great is its blend of gel-infused memory foam, layered memory foam and memory foams of different densities strategically placed among each other. The above characteristics are characteristics which we’ve all become familiar with, though are rarely all seen used within the same mattress. It’s interesting, it’s unique and it comes with a surprisingly large amount of benefits. Let’s go in for a closer look.


The Memory Foam Solutions mattress is quite firm as a whole. However, the overall level of firmness changes the further you sink into it. This is similar to many hybrid mattresses which allow you to sink so far into them before ramping up the pressure. While such mattresses have been shown to work just fine, some of us don’t like the abruptness with which such mattresses get firm all of the sudden.

This particular mattress; however, uses three different layers (as opposed to the usual two), one of which is made with gel-infused foam. Long story short and memory foam jargon aside, this still makes the mattress more firm as one sinks into it, though does so through a much more gentle manner. Those who like hybrid mattresses as a whole will certainly appreciate what this Memory Foam Solutions mattress has to offer, as it tends to improve upon an already-great technology.

Recovery Time

This is possibly the most interesting aspect of the mattress. It has long been known that, because gel-infused mattresses rely solely on the use of high-density memory foam, they typically have a lousy recovery time. However, it has also long been known that mattresses which properly utilize layers of foams varying in density will often have a better recovery time, as the most high-density foam (the foam with the worst recovery time) will be in the middle of the mattress, hidden away by foam with a bitter recovery time which soaks up most of the pressure put on the bed. Because the Memory Foam Solutions uses such technology to its advantage, it eliminates most of the problems inherent in gel-infused memory foam mattresses regard their usually lackluster recovery time. It’s nice to see a manufacturer come up with practical solutions to impractical problems.


On the grounds of damage resistance alone, the Memory Foam Solutions acts exactly the same as nearly every other gel-infused memory foam mattress. Because gel-infused foam is used as an alternative to low-density foam (a foam which is typically seen as being less durable), such mattresses generally carry a higher degree of durability without sacrificing on comfort. This particular gel-infused mattress is no different.

My only real issue with this mattress over similar products is the large amount of foam used in the middle which is extremely high in density. While such a layer of foam is great for comfort and back support, it’s not all that great when cleaning day comes around. Simply put, you’ll have to use some extra elbow grease to get the mattress clean, being that foam of a higher density translates to more material which needs cleaning in the first place.

Warranty Information

Memory Foam Solutions offers its customers a ten-year warranty upon purchasing this mattress, which is considered the standard length of time for such a mattress in today’s age. What’s more, many owners of the mattress report that the manufacturer tends to have great customer support, ensuring that, should you have have to cash out on your warranty, doing so is an overly easy process. This is a feature I like to see in any product – mattress or otherwise.

Overall Summary

The Memory Foam Solutions mattress has to be one of the most complex, well thought out memory foam products currently available on the market. Through building on already-great technologies and using them in conjunction with one another, you’re just getting a great synergy that is usually impossible to find elsewhere. Whether you need something to support your back, something that will last for a long time or whether you simply want a comfortable mattress, the Memory Foam Solutions has a bit of something for everyone.

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Memory Foam Solutions Four-Pound Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress