Pragma Bed Cloud Rest 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review


Overall Rating
Recovery Time


The Pragma advertises itself as being a flexible memory foam mattress which does an excellent job of both contouring to the bed on which it rests and to the person laying on it. It’s most suitable for those who find themselves preferring beds which allow the sleeper to “sink” into the bed to a large degree. This goes in vast contrast to the majority of memory foam mattresses made of the same high-density memory foam as the Pragma, which often tend to be extremely firm in relation to mattresses of a lower density. Because of this, it offers all of the health benefits of firmer mattresses without sacrificing on comfort for those who prefer a softer material under their back at night. The mattress goes against the grain in terms of the foam used and how it feels upon laying down on it.


At first glance, one might actually expect the Pragma to be a little too thick to possibly be comfortable. Upon closer inspection; however, one realizes that this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Pragma does an excellent job of swallowing up its owner as they sink into the bed. While this isn’t unheard of in memory foam mattresses, it is unheard of in mattresses which fit many of the Pragma’s specs. For example, the high-density memory foam used in its make often ends up leaving a bed too firm. This can also be said about the Pragma’s size. For a six-inch, high-density memory foam mattress, the Pragma is about as soft as it gets. Despite this, the material used in its make still offers some great back support, giving you the health benefits of firm beds while still offering all of the comfort of soft beds.

Recovery Time

The recovery time is one of the biggest downsides to the Pragma. Even when compared to other mattresses made with foam of the same density, you’ll likely find the Pragma unable to bounce back as quickly as you might like after pressure is put on it for any substantial amount of time. In fact, the manufacturer notes that it may take the mattress an entire twenty-four hours after being unboxed before being suitable to lay down on. Pragma Bed Cloud Rest 6-Inch1While this isn’t necessarily uncommon among memory foam mattresses as a whole, it goes on to further illustrate that the Pragma’s recovery time just isn’t as great as it could be. Still, the fact that it is only six inches thick means that there is never a whole lot of foam which needs recovering at any one time, which goes on to speed up the process to a degree.


It’s very rare that you’ll hear of previous and current customers complaining about the Pragma’s longevity. Because the memory foam it is made of is very high in density, it tends to be quite resistant to scrapes and holes (though perhaps not as resistant as a spring mattress). And because it is made of memory foam, you’ll find it much easier to clean than your typical spring mattress. This effect is further amplified by the fact that the Pragma is only six inches thick. You’ll find a deep, full clean may take as little as a few minutes of man power. This increases its durability through lowering the rate at which its owners are required to buy a new mattress due to sanitary concerns. All in all, you can bet that your new Pragma mattress will last for quite some time before it needs to be replaced or maintained in any way (outside of regular cleaning).

Warranty Information

This is my main issue with the Pragma. When you’re paying over four hundred dollars for a mattress, it’s reasonable to expect that you’d get a warranty which lasts at least ten years. In the case of the Pragma; however, you’ll only be covered for a mere three years before you’re on your own. For a four hundred dollar mattress which one can reasonably expect to last at least a decade, I’d like to see something a little more impressive in the warranty department. Still, three years is better than nothing, so it deserves a two star rating in this regard.

Overall Summary

The Pragma’s best feature is easily its low level of firmness in relation to its overall impact on one’s back and shoulder health. For this reason, it may very well be one of the few options for those who prefer a very small mattress though find themselves in need of something easier on the back. It’s nice to see a piece of high-density memory foam break away from trends. At the same time, all of these pros come at the cost of having little in the way of a warranty. As such, one should expect to have to take extra care of their mattress if they settle on the Pragma.

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