PuraSleep 10 Inch CoolFlow Memory Foam Mattress Review


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The PuraSleep 10 Inch CoolFlow Memory Foam Mattress is a full sized memory foam mattress that is completely made in the USA out of quality materials. Featuring 10 inches of comfortable, modern memory foam, it provides a great night of sleep for even some of the most picky and active sleepers out there. This mattress features dual layer technology, consisting of the 2.5 inch Cool Flow top layer and the 7.5 inch core base layer, creating the perfect blend of comfort and support. This mattress falls in the medium firm level, meaning it’s perfect for sleepers who want that cloud-like experience but also want some firmness as well. This review will cover a few aspects of the mattress, rated on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best, allowing each reader to better make an informed decision before buying.


The firmness of this mattress falls into the medium firm level, allowing that plush comfort in places you want it while also still being firm enough to support the places that need support the most. The mattress also handles motion well, and eliminates motion disturbance that traditional mattresses cause. Many users have found this level of firmness to be just right, allowing them to get into that comfy groove while not sinking so much either. This mattress provides plenty of support to your back, neck and joints, reducing and eliminating pain that is often accelerated by using a traditional spring mattress. Because of this, many people have found that this mattress gives them a better night’s sleep, and reduces their pain significantly. The dual layer construction allows for comfort while also supplying just enough firmness to provide sturdiness, durability and support.

Recovery Time

PuraSleep 10 Inch1Because of the dual layer technology this mattress is constructed of, the recovery time is much quicker than other mattresses of it’s kind. Impressions and grooves are quickly filled in as the bed quickly returns to it’s normal state. Not only does the mattress have a great score on recovery time, but it also greatly eliminates motion disturbance, allowing all sleepers to sleep soundly without their partner’s movements disturbing them during the night. The premium top layer provides ultimate comfort and contours to your body, allowing fast recovery time as well as that cloud like comfort one expects from a memory foam mattress.


This mattress is made in the USA, and is made to sustain years of comfortable nights. Very few users have had any issue with the durability of this mattress, even those of larger size have found little to no issue with how well this mattress holds up under continuous use. Memory foam is a very durable material, meant to shape and return to it’s original state of being. The comfortable and supporting 10 inches of quality memory foam this mattress is composed of gives it an extra layer of durability that spring mattresses cannot compete with. Because of this, many users have found this mattress to stay perfect for years, providing years upon years of comfort and rest.

Warranty Information

The warranty information for this mattress is rather easy to find, and the warranty is pretty typical for a mattress. While the warranty doesn’t cover every damage you could think of, it’s certainly typical for a mattress of this like, and it lasts 10 years which is decent for the mattress quality and price range. However, the durability of this mattress seems pretty high end, so it’s probably unlikely that one would ever need to use the warranty anyway, making this mattress a good buy.


Memory foam mattresses are said to provide supreme comfort to those who use them, and this mattress seems to do just that. With 2 layers of comfortable yet supportive memory foam, one could expect years of amazing sleep quality. Not only is it comfortable, but it’s hypo allergenic and is resistant to dust mites, bacteria, mildew and much more. The removable cover also adds some cleanliness bonus to the mattress, making it comfortable to sleep on and easy to clean. Overall, this mattress is a good buy, at a very good price for anyone searching for a medium firm memory foam bed that will give them a good amount of use and sleep before needing replacement.

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