Resort Sleep Full Size 10 Inch Luxury Memory Foam Mattress Review


Overall Rating
Recovery Time


The Resort Sleep Full Size 10 Inch Luxury Memory Foam Mattress is a quality mattress with a lower to mid level price. The mattress itself is made up of 10 inches of breathable memory foam, with a gel memory foam top layer to keep you cool as you sleep. This mattress is in the medium plush/medium firm range, putting it right in the middle on the level of firmness. It’s multi-layer technology allows for adequate support while still remaining comfortable. It’s premium top layer technology allows each user to stay cool, and soft while sleeping. It also lowers motion disturbance, allowing your partner to move without waking you. This review will cover multiple features/aspects of this mattress, rating each feature on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best, allowing you to make a better informed decision before buying.


Some people enjoy a bed that’s extra firm, while others prefer to sink right in as if they were sleeping on a bean bag chair. This mattress manages to find the perfect medium of plush and firm, pleasing nearly any type of sleeper. Because the mattress isn’t the type that you completely sink in, but also isn’t the type that is extra firm, a rating of 3 to 4 in firmness is earned. Some users did however find the mattress to be more firm than expected, while most users found it to be just right, perfectly in the middle of plush and firm. This is achieved through the use of two layers, the top being made of premium cooling memory foam that allows you to sink about 2 inches in (depending on your weight) while the other layer provides support for your joints, back and neck. With the two layers combined, you get a perfectly in the middle level of firmness that’s not too hard, but not too soft either.

Recovery Time

Recovery time can be an important aspect when it comes to buying a memory foam mattress, as the recovery time judges how well the mattress will absorb motion, as well as return to it’s natural manufactured form. This mattress scores high when it comes to recovery time, with many users reporting that motion disturbance is low to none and that even after years of the use, the bed has kept it’s form and comfort. Because of the multiple layer technology used, this mattress has a recovery time advantage that some other memory foam mattresses do not.


Resort Sleep Full Size 10 Inch1Knowing how well your purchase will hold up is an important part of choosing a product, and this is especially true when it comes to buying something as vital and important as a mattress. Users have reported nearly nothing but good things about the durability of this mattress, as well as other options this brand offers. It’s multi-layers allow for the mattress to be used by body shapes and sizes of all types nightly for years with little to no wear or damage. It seems as if the durability of this mattress exceeds other brands in it’s range, making this mattress not only supremely comfortable, but well worth the money as well.

Warranty Information

Though the warranty information for this mattress was rather easy to find, and it does cover 20 years, the warranty is limited and seemingly only covers manufacturer damage. While the warranty seems very limited as to what it will in fact cover, the durability and general high quality of the mattress still seems to make it worth the money. Many users have had no issues, even after years of use, so in this case, a poor warranty probably won’t matter too much.


This mattress seems quite exceptional compared to others like it, and the many users who have reported numerous good things about the mattress seem to back up the assumption that this mattress is high quality at a low price. With 2 layers of memory foam, each user not only gets comfort and softness, but they also get support and pain reducing cradling that could make a huge difference for someone who suffers from back, neck or joint pain. This mattress is medium plush/medium firm, making it the perfect in between for those who don’t want to sink in too far, but also don’t want an extra firm mattress as well. Not only is the mattress comfortable, durable, and completely made in the USA, but it’s also hypo allergenic and is resistant to dust mites, bacteria, mildew and more. Overall, this mattress seems like a great buy for someone looking for the memory foam sleeping experience at half the price.

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Resort Sleep Full Size 10 Inch Luxury Memory Foam Mattress