Serta 10-Inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress Review


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Recovery Time


The Serta 10-Inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress is a brand name, high quality memory foam mattress at the right price. This mattress has a multi-layer construct, providing the perfect blend of comfort and support that pleases nearly any sleeper. The mattress is made up of 3 different layers that work together to provide the ultimate sleeping experience. Those three layers are: 1.5 inch comfort layer providing plush comfort and temperature regulation, 1.5 inch custom support layer featuring ActivAir which provides continuous air flow as well as customized support, and finally the 7 inch high density base layer that provides support, stability and durability. These three layers combined result in a great sleeping experience for nearly anyone. This review will cover a few different aspects/features of the mattress, while rating them on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best, allowing each reader to gain the information that they need to make the best decision possible.


Firmness is often a deal breaking quality for many people searching for a new mattress. For some, they’re looking for that extra firm mattress that will support them perfectly, while others are looking for that plush mattress that allows them to sink in a bit and get cozy. This mattress does an exceptional job at blending the two to create a medium ground that most people could agree on. While some users of a lighter weight have found this mattress to still be a bit too firm, most users have found the mattress to be just right. Those with a higher body weight may find that they sink in a bit more, though they will still find themselves to be adequately supported with all their pressure points being met just fine. This is a perfect bed for those who like it just in the middle, as this mattress is the perfect combination of plush and firm.

Recovery Time

Serta has been making mattresses for many, many years, with millions of satisfied customers, and the same goes for their memory foam mattresses. This mattress has a recovery time that scores high, quickly filling in any impression and indent one could leave behind. This allows for motion disturbances to be greatly reduced, and also allows each sleeper to find that perfect cozy spot without falling out of place or getting stuck in uncomfortable impressions left behind. The recovery time for this mattress is quick, under a minute and perfect for even the most active of sleepers.


Serta 10-Inch1Many users have found this mattress to be quite durable, even after years of continued use. Of course, some people have had minor issues, but nothing quite so serious or disturbing. This mattress is also completely made in the USA, of high quality material. The multi-layer and open cell memory foam technology give this mattress an extra layer of durability that can’t be found in some other mattresses. Because of this, this mattress easily earns itself a 4. The rating of 4 is partly due to the fact that those of larger body weight have found the bed doesn’t hold up as well for those past 260 pounds, however that isn’t always the case. The durability of this mattress seems to be quite good, and on par, if not better than it’s competitors.

Warranty Information

The warranty information for this mattress is rather easy to find, and it does come with a 20 year warranty. The only issue with the warranty information is that it’s not exactly clear on just how much and which kind of damages the warranty will cover. However, Serta has been in the mattress market for quite a many years now, and are a trusted company, so even if each detail of the warranty isn’t exactly spelled out perfectly, the quality and brand trust is still worth the mid level price one would pay.


This mattress is a well made, multiple layer cooling memory foam mattress that seems to do well for multiple types of sleepers. It’s medium level of firmness and plushness seems to please a variety of people. Not only is the mattress comfortable, but it also supports all of the spots that need support the most while also staying cool and contouring to your body throughout the night. The price is also about half of what you’d pay for other brands offering the same mattress type, which adds definite bargain quality to the buy. This mattress is great for those seeking a comfortable, plush yet firm sleeping experience who don’t want to pay the thousands of dollars that other memory foam mattress brands ask. Overall, it’s a high quality, name brand mattress at half the price, and it seems well worth it.

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