Serta 14-inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress Review


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If you’ve spent any significant amount of time researching some of the different models within the world of memory foam mattresses, you’ve likely by now realized that the vast majority of mattresses each have their own specialties. While one mattress might specialize in being comfortable, another may specialize in spinal correction and another may focus on offering a great degree of durability. The Serta mattress we’ll be looking at today; however, advertises itself as being a utilitarian of sorts; ensuring all of your bases are covered, no matter what it is you may want or need in your next mattress. It is one of the more heavy-duty mattresses out there and, assuming you have no problem spending up to seven hundred dollars, will likely prove to be one of the safer purchases out there, being that it’s sure to have you covered at all times through its one-size-fits-all stature. Let’s go in for a closer look.


The Serta’s firmness actually appears to be quite average on the surface. For comparison; when speaking strictly of firmness and nothing else, an average memory foam mattress could more or less compare to an extremely soft spring mattress. If you’re the type to seek out softer mattresses, the Serta will likely give you exactly what you’re looking for. However, despite being rather soft in nature, you’ll find the Serta neither causes nor exacerbates health issues of the back and shoulders. I needn’t explain why this is a good thing.

The firmness inherent throughout the entire mattress is also very consistent. Like many modern mattresses, the Serta utilizes a variety of different foams which are layered in a descending order from softest to firmest. This takes pressure off of one’s back and induces an almost “floaty” type of feeling. Compared to other layered mattresses, the Serta works on a very large scale, which further increases the effectiveness of said layers.

Recovery Time

Serta 14-inch1The Serta’s recovery time is similar to what one knowledgeable in the world of memory foam might expect. For starters, the Serta’s top layer is made of a high-density memory foam which has been infused with a special type of gel. I won’t get into the science of it, but will make a note of the fact that such mattresses typically lend themselves to having a lower recovery time (though there are some exceptions (such as this one)).

Although the Serta’s top layer is not a favorite among those who value a quick recovery time on a mattress, the fact that it has so many different layers at just the perfect densities and ratios makes the mattress’ recovery time much, much better. In fact, this is so true that I’d go so far as to say the Serta’s recovery time is well above average. As such, don’t let the gel-infused outer layer scare you away from this mattress.


Relative to how soft the mattress is (a trait which typically lends itself to a lower overall level of durability), you’ll find the Serta to hold up very well over time. This is due to the gel-infused foam used in its make. While many equally soft mattresses achieve said softness through the use of low-density foam (a foam which is easier to damage), mattresses with gel-infused foam do not. Once again, I’ll refrain from getting into the science of memory foam infused with gel. It is; however, worth taking into account that mattresses which use such foam are typically very durable relative to their overall level of softness. This is a huge advantage for those unwilling to purchase a firm mattress though would still like something a little more durable.

Warranty Information

The industry standard is to cover memory foam mattress purchasers with a ten-year warranty. However, when paying up to seven hundred dollars for a mattress, it’d be nice to see a little bit of extra coverage. As it turns out, the folks down at Serta felt the same way. After purchasing the Serta memory foam mattress, you’ll be entitled to twenty years of coverage, which certainly adds a welcomed degree of assurance to your purchase.

Overall Summary

Of all memory foam mattresses available on today’s market, Serta is likely to appeal to the largest variety of people. It’s durable, it’s relatively soft, it comes with a long warranty and it has a great deal of back support. Assuming you don’t mind spending up to seven hundred dollars, I would highly recommend taking a close look at the Serta.

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Serta 14-inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress