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Despite Sleep Innovations’ tendency to advertise their products as being specialized, with each mattress catering particularly to a very specific demographic, the Shiloh is more of a one-size-fits-all type of mattress (a term which Sleep Innovations and publicly denounced more than once). Although it perhaps hasn’t received the most accurate marketing, this certainly doesn’t mean the mattress in question can’t be great for your average person. In fact, the average person is likely who this mattress is most suited toward.

The Shiloh isn’t firm; nor is it soft. It doesn’t have the best recovery time; nor does it have the worst. This middle-of-the-road trend stays quite consistent throughout the entirety of the mattress’ specifications, which makes it great for those with no particular preference who would just rather get a memory foam mattress. It’s also great for those who simply cannot make up their minds regarding which mattress is best for them.


Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch1As previously stated, the Shiloh’s firmness is certainly nothing to write home about, being that it falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. I’d give it three and a half out of five stars at best. Now, whether or not a mattress’ firmness is good is quite subjective. The Shilo is no different. However, for couples with varying tastes in bed firmness, the Shiloh may prove to be a great compromise. Simply put, it is more likely to cater to a wider variety of individuals in terms of comfort. This is a achieved through the use of two layers of foam; one low in density and one high in density. While this is a rather common trait among memory foam mattresses as a whole, the Shiloh’s upper layer is actually quite large, making the layering process very effective.

Recovery Time

Typically, when a mattress is of an average level of firmness, its recovery time is rather average as well. The Shiloh; however, is an exception to this rule. Despite being of average firmness, you’ll likely find the Shiloh’s recovery time to be more agreeable than that of the average memory foam mattress. I won’t get into the math or the science of it, but I’ll say that this is majorly due to the ratios of high and low-density foams used in the Shiloh’s make.

Once again, the Shiloh won’t give you the very best recovery time on the market (although it is certainly above average in this regard). This is simply because it is not that kind of mattress. The Shiloh preforms in a satisfactory manner in every regard, and its recovery time is a perfect example of this. At the very least, nobody will be outright disappointed with the Shiloh’s ability to bounce back into shape after having been laid upon.


The Shiloh’s durability is average; no more, no less. At first glance, this may not sound overly groundbreaking. After considering the durability of similar mattresses; however, you’ll realize an average durability score is the most you can ask for. Simply put, layered mattresses which use low-density foam in their make just aren’t the most durable. In fact, such mattresses are generally below average in their overall durability.

Because the Shiloh uses much more high-density foam than low-density foam, it stacks up quite well against other layered mattresses. While it can never be as durable as some mattresses due to its layered status, it does a great job at holding up over time for a layered mattress. This is nice to see in a type of mattress – which is often seen as being rather flimsy – being that it answers a common complaint many of us have over layered mattresses. If you’ve been staying away from such mattresses due to fear of them lacking any degree of longevity, the Shiloh may be just what you need.

Warranty Information

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch2While the Shiloh seems to be quite average in nearly every regard, this is not so much the case when it comes to the mattress’ warranty. With twenty years of coverage after the initial purchase, the length of the Shiloh’s warranty is double that of the average memory foam mattress on the market. I needn’t explain why this is an obvious advantage. With a guaranteed lifespan of twenty years, what could possibly go wrong?

Overall Summary

As you can see, the Shiloh is a well-rounded mattress. While it may not be the best in any given regard, it’s far from the worst. Those who simply want a memory foam mattress but have no limitations or preferences regarding back support or firmness will certainly love this mattress for what it is.

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Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch