Sleep Innovations Taylor 12-inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress Review


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The Sleep Innovations Gel Swirl is a memory foam mattress which incorporates the use of gel-infused foam into its construction to offer a wide variety of benefits (and perhaps a few drawbacks) which simply cannot be found in standard memory foam. More specifically, it acts as a replacement for low-density memory foams, which have been found to be of a lower quality and even to be detrimental to the health of one’s back, shoulders and neck. As such, many folks find themselves purchase gel-infused memory foam mattresses as a means of protecting themselves from back damage while still getting to sleep on a soft mattress every night. Gel-infused foams also keep a mattress very cool, which is nice to see in a memory foam mattress; a type of mattress which is notorious for making its owners warm at night. The benefits of gel infusion aside, let’s take a look at some of the Sleep Innovations Gel Swirl’s specs and see how it compares to other memory foam mattresses on today’s market; gel-infused or otherwise.


When compared to the average memory foam mattress, the Sleep Innovations Gel Swirl could be considered as being quite average. However, the means by which it achieves its level of firmness is actually quite interesting and may present quite a few benefits for those usually averted to mattresses of an average firmness. I speak specifically of the gel-infused foam used in the mattress’ make and how it changes its properties.

When high-density foam is infused with gel, it can be used as a replacement for low-density foams in terms of the softness it produces. Because of this, you’ll more or less get the same amount of softness and comfort while actually receiving more back support. This makes the Sleep Innovations Gel Swirl perfect for those with back problems who tend to prefer soft mattresses.

Recovery Time

As previously state, gel-infused foam presents some benefits and drawbacks when used in place of low-density foam. Unfortunately, one of said drawbacks presents itself when one looks at the Sleep Innovations Gel Swirl’s recovery time. Whether or not you infuse a foam with gel, it will more or less retain its level of recovery time.

Sleep Innovations Taylor 12-inch1And, as it turns out, high-density foam has a poor recovery time when compared to low density foam. As such, logic would dictate that replacing a low-density foam with a high-density foam which has been infused with gel would have a negative impact on a mattress’ recovery time. Of coarse, this con may be outweighed by the pros for many folks. For those who hold a mattress’ recovery time in a high regard; however, the Sleep Innovations Gel Swirl may not always be the best option.


High-density foam is more durable than low-density foam. There are no exceptions to this rule and infusing a foam with gel does not change its integrity in this regard. As such, the foam used in this mattress (which is of a high density) is as durable as any other high-density foam. While this may not sound overly impressive, it certainly works in the Sleep Innovations Gel Swirl’s favor when one considers that this foam is being used to replace other foam which is less durable.

So, not only is this mattress as durable as any other high-density memory foam mattresses, it is many, many times more durable than the majority of mattresses which feature the same degree of softness. This is one of the factors which can make gel-infused memory foam a great alternative to low-density memory foam. No longer is a lesser degree of durability a necessary evil for those who prefer a softer mattress.

Warranty Information

The Sleep Innovations Gel Swirl’s warranty lasts for twice as long as the average warranty found on memory foam mattresses in this day and age. After purchasing the mattress, you’ll be covered from manufacturing defects of any sort for twenty years. Not only does this add a large degree of consumer protection to your purchase, it goes on to further illustrate just how durable this mattress truly is. If the manufacturer is confident enough to offer a twenty-year warranty, you can be sure you’re getting a durable product that will stick around for some time.

Overall Summary

While the Sleep Innovations Gel Swirl might not be for everyone, it has to be the perfect mattress for those who love the feel of softer mattress but hate the health implications of using them, as well as their nasty tendency of keeping their owners hot as they sleep. For an alternative to mattresses which use low-density memory foam, the Sleep Innovations Gel Swirl proves to be an excellent contender.

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