Sleep Master Ultima 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review


Overall Rating
Recovery Time


The Sleep Master Ultima is a six inch memory foam mattress which incorporates the use of two different memory foams throughout, each with its own level of density (with the densities playing a large role in the mattress’ overall level of comfort). Despite being rather thin at only six inches, the memory foam used in the make has one feeling as if they were sleeping on an above average mattress in terms of thickness. This is achieved through the different foams used and the varying levels of firmness one may expect to find throughout the entire mattress. The manufacturer uses a few large words to describe the technology used in the product’s make, which we’ll break down an analyze below. If you’ve been looking for an easy, cost-effective memory foam mattress, the Sleep Master Ultima may very well be just what you need.


In the above ratings, I gave the Ultima’s firmness a three out of five. Now, a higher number in this sense is not necessarily better. In this case, a three out of five merely illustrates that the Ultima’s firmness is somewhere in the middle of the road when stacked p to other memory foam mattresses as a whole. For those who have yet to test out a memory foam mattress for themselves, the average firmness one may expect to find could be comparable to a spring bed which is below average in firmness. Sleep Master Ultima 6 Inch1The Ultima uses a thin layer of memory foam at the top of the bed which is rather low in density. This serves to make the bed soft and comfortable.

On the other hand, the memory foam below the topmost layer is very high density, which is what gives the bed a bit of firmness. As an added bonus, this also translates to better back health through increased support. Whether or not the Ultima’s level of firmness is good; however, all comes down to one’s own preferences. Those who appreciate a soft spring mattress – though don’t appreciate the back problems often inherent in sleeping on such mattresses – will certainly appreciate what the Ultima has to offer.

Recovery Time

The Ultima’s recovery time is certainly above par. Because the low-density foam used in the make comes in just a thin “strip” of sorts, you’ll find it bounces back extremely quickly. The high density foam may take a little longer (as do all incarnations of high-density memory foam mattresses), though it is once again used in a rather thin layer, which has it bounce back quicker than many other mattresses of the same make. The only reason it didn’t get a solid five out of five was due to the high-density foam used in the lowermost portion of the mattress, though it should be noted that any high-quality memory foam mattress has an abundance of such foam. When compared to such mattresses, the Ultima stacks up just fine in terms of its overall recovery time. It truly takes a mere matter of seconds for the mattress to go back to baseline after having been laid upon.


Many customers attest that their mattress is as good as new for quite some time after the initial purchase. Once again, this all comes down to the particular foam used in the mattress’ make. Being a high-density foam (the type of foam which is considered to be of the highest quality), you’ll find it can withstand a lot of use and is even more resistant to tears and cuts than many other memory foam products. This is an obvious plus.

Warranty Information

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch2If the durability experienced by previous customers isn’t enough to go on, the Ultima’s ten-year warranty should help seal the deal. While some of us may have become accustomed to even longer warranties on some spring mattresses, it should be noted that, being a somewhat newer technology, a ten-year warranty is a great deal. There are no reports of previous customers experiencing issues in the way of getting faulty or broken mattresses replaced. The manufacturer tends to have no issue living up to its word either. The warranty lasts a while and cashing out on it is easy. These are two things which should be held in high regard for purchases of one hundred dollars or more.

Overall Summary

The Ultima is not only a good mattress at face value, but its price-to-quality ratio is perfect. For roughly one hundred dollars, it’s hard to find a mattress in a similar price range which radiates the same degree of quality as the Ultima does. Many of its great features are achieved through the two different types of memory foam used in its make and the proportions of each. Owners of the Ultima will be treated to the soft comfort of low-density memory foam while receiving the health benefits of high-density memory foam. With the Ultima, you’re truly getting the best of both worlds.

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