Vergo Comfort 12-inch Premium Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Review


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Recovery Time


The Vergo Comfort 12-inch Premium Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress is a full sized memory foam mattress that competes quite well against other memory foam mattresses of brand name. This mattress is composed of 12 inches of premium grade Visco Elastic memory foam, consisting of multiple layers. The first layer is a 2.5 inch comfort layer, followed by a 9.5 inch support layer, combining together to create a comfortable yet supportive sleeping experience that is often comparable to name brand memory foam mattresses. This mattress is considered to be a medium firm mattress, comfortable yet firm. This review will go over a few different aspects pertaining to this mattress, and will rate each on a scale of 1 to 5 to help each reader make an informed choice before buying.


Firmness is one of the things that most people consider first before buying a mattress, so knowing how firm or soft a mattress is can be rather important. This mattress falls in the medium firm level, allowing it to be rather comfortable to those on both sides of the firm or soft scale. However, those who enjoy a really soft/plush experience will probably find this mattress to be a bit too firm for them. Many users have reported that this is just about right in the middle, making it perfect for many different sleepers. This mattress does manage to give some, allowing the user to sink in just enough to get comfortable without sacrificing any support or desired firmness.

Recovery Time

The recovery time is very important when it comes to memory foam mattresses as a poor recovery time means that the mattress will not adjust to movement well, leaving lasting impressions that will ruin the mattress and the comfort level. This mattress seems to do very well when it comes to recovery time, even under a lot of weight. This mattress contours to all of the right places and fills in quickly when it needs to, creating a comfortable sleeping experience and a mattress that will hold up for years without issue. This mattress also holds weight very well for extended periods of time, allowing users of all body weights, shapes and sizes to comfortably enjoy this bed for many years.


Vergo Comfort 12-inch1Durability is also a very important aspect when it comes to buying a mattress, and this mattress seems to hold up well even under extreme weight. This mattress is made of high quality premium memory foam, allowing it to contour and adjust when it needs to quickly without any damage. Many users have reported the mattress lasts years before any type of breakdown or damage even begins to occur. Because of this, the mattress manages to score itself a high 5 in the aspect of durability. Very few users have had any complaints about how well this mattress holds up and retains it’s comfort and support.

Warranty Information

Warranty information is an important aspect of choosing which product to buy for many people. While this mattress seems to score well in other aspects, warranty information is one area where this mattress has it’s faults. The warranty information for this mattress is very hard to locate, and can only be located after contacting customer service for it. Because of this, potential buyers have no way to know how long the warranty is for and what the warranty covers, which could be a problem for some buyers. However, this mattress scores pretty well in other areas, meaning that a buyer may not even ever need to use the warranty to begin with.


This mattress seems to be on par with others like it, if not a bit better than comparable beds. The price of this mattress is just a fraction that some other brands cost, making it a definite bargain for those who want a comfortable memory foam mattress at an affordable price. This mattress is also comfortable, supportive, helps resist motion disturbance and even helps soothe aches and pains allowing each sleeper to wake up refreshed and ready to start their day. While warranty information is generally non-existent, this mattress still seems like a pretty good deal. Overall, this mattress seems worth the money one would pay for it, and seems to be a comfortable yet supportive mattress that would hold up well over time, well worth the consideration and money it costs.

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Vergo Comfort 12-inch Premium Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress