How To Wash a Memory Foam Pillow

Have you ever wondered how to wash a memory foam pillow?

The truth is, you can and should wash your pillow that is made from memory foam but if you don’t do it correctly, you could potentially find yourself in a situation where the pillow no longer performs as it was designed to. Furthermore, you might even find yourself in a situation where the pillow is completely ruined and you have to purchase a new one. Since that can be relatively expensive, it is important to learn how to properly clean it so you don’t have to worry about damaging it in the process.

How Should You Wash Your Pillow?

If you have a memory foam pillow you are probably wondering what the best way to wash it really is. Should you put it in the washing machine? The truth is, putting your memory foam pillow in the washing machine can do a lot more harm than good. It isn’t a very gentle method of cleaning and when the pillow is tossed around in the water and driven up against the agitator on the machine, it can permanently alter the memory foam so that it is no longer useful. Therefore, washing your pillow in the machine is not the best solution by any means.

How To Wash a Memory Foam Pillow

The Proper Technique

If you shouldn’t wash the pillow in your washing machine, how should you go about doing it? Your best bet is to wash the pillow by hand. Even when you utilize this method, you should be gentle. In addition, refrain from using detergent which can damage the memory foam. Instead, simply submerge the pillow in water and then rinse it until the water runs clear. This will get most of the impurities and allergens out of the pillow without causing permanent damage to the memory foam itself.

Drying The Pillow

After you wash the pillow, how should you dry it? First and foremost, refrain from wringing the pillow out after you have rinsed it. Again, this will only serve to damage the memory foam and it will achieve little else. Instead, you can squeeze the pillow gently until most of the water comes out. From that point forward, find a way to ventilate the pillow such as laying it on a surface where it can air dry on both sides at the same time. If you find this challenging, you might try laying some towels down on the kitchen counter and placing the pillows on a bread rack so that air can circulate around both sides. It also works well to turn a fan onto the pillows and allow them to dry completely. Using the fan will speed up the process considerably. Do not, however, put the pillows in the dryer.

Additional Considerations

Ideally, you want to allow your pillows to dry completely on one side and then flip them over, just to be sure that they are also completely dry on the other side. If not, give the pillows an opportunity to dry on both sides before replacing any pillowcases or moving the pillows back to the bed. Remember, this may take some time for the drying process to be complete but when it is all said and done, it will be well worth the effort.


How often should you make the effort to clean your memory foam pillows? If you have the time, you should clean them at least every other time you change the linens on the bed. If you simply don’t have time to do it that frequently, make an effort to do it at least once every couple of months. This will definitely help you sleep more comfortably and it will also help to ensure that many of the things that make you sneeze or give you allergy or sinus problems are not present in your pillow. It will also help to maintain the memory foam so that you can enjoy your pillow for as long as possible.

How To Wash a Memory Foam Pillow


Remember, it is important that you take care of your memory foam pillow and that you keep it clean just like you would anything else. As long as you refrain from putting the pillow in the washer or the dryer, you can clean the pillow several times without causing any damage. In fact, keeping it clean and well-maintained will actually help to keep it in good shape for years to come.