What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam was developed for NASA originally in the 1960s for the seats of airplanes, and is now found in several products for everyday use, from pillows to mattress, office supplies to footwear. Even your office chair is likely to have a memory foam component. Maybe even your feet are used to the comfort of memory foam slippers. Initially the cost of memory foam was thought to be quite expensive, but advances in its production have lowered the cost, making it accessible for more people. One of the most commonly seen products that have memory foam in its material is your mattress.

Memory foam has a lot of features, including its composition of high-density foam that is both very soft and absorbent of energy, which makes it the perfect sleeping surface.

Memory foam mattresses have a few differences from regular mattress, and should be on your list of choices as you look for the best mattress to meet your needs for sleep. Below you can find facts about these mattresses so you can see what they really have to offer you.

True Body Fit

Mattresses made of memory foam mold actively to your body in response to pressure and heat, letting the surface distribute your body weight evenly when you are laying on it and returning to normal once you get up again.

Temperature-Controlled Support

Memory foam beds are made using a material that is sensitive to temperature, letting the mattress adjust to your weight and body heat. As your temperature rises, the mattress gets softer to make for a good night’s sleep. Pus, memory foam can retain heat, giving you more warmth and comfort during colder months. If you are typically warm-blooded, you’ll want to think about getting a memory foam mattress with a cooling feature.

Pain Relief

Bedding with memory foam gives you health benefits such as relieving pain, soreness and body aches, plus helps your body to recover faster from injuries. This is done by the materials ability to displace pressure from your body’s points of pain. Areas experiencing pain have a temperature that is a bit higher than the rest of your body, and memory foam detects this and molds to your body accordingly, or lowers the pressure to that area.

Allergy Friendly

A regular mattress which has been used for a few years can have anywhere from 100,000 to ten million dust mites in it. However, memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane foam, which is constructed of fibers that stop allergy-causing dust mites from building up in the mattress. The dense composition of memory foam, unlike regular mattresses, stops allergens from building up over time.

Resistance to Motion Transfer

Memory foam is a great option for couples, as the memory foam will absorb surface movement to lower disturbances when someone moves around in bed. This is great news for anyone who has a partner that tosses and turns a lot, as disturbances will be minimized.

Memory foam beds offer you an alternative which is smart. They can give you natural pain support, and mold around your body for extra comfort, making them worthy of consideration while shopping for a new mattress.