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The Zinus Universal Comfort Support has to be one of the very most complex memory foam mattresses currently available on the market. It uses countless layers of countless different types of memory foam in its make, each with its own unique purpose. The mattress is advertised most heavily as being the perfect memory foam solution to those who have only found spring mattresses to be firm enough to fit their needs up until this point in time.

Despite not being advertised as such, it can also be great for those with poor back health or even those with good back health who want to keep it that way. Its most prominent feature is the level of comfort it exhibits despite its very firm stature. Let’s go in for a closer look and see if the Zinus Universal Comfort Support is just what you’ve been looking for.


If you’re hoping to find something firmer than the Zinus Universal Comfort Support, you’ll likely want to look in the spring mattress isle. When stacked up to other memory foam mattresses, you’ll find few that are equally firm and likely none that are more firm. In fact, I’d go so far as to call the Zinus Universal Comfort Support slightly more firm than your average spring mattress, which is a huge deal in the world of memory foam.

It’s not just how firm the mattress is that makes it interesting, but the consistency of the firmness in question. If you’ve used a memory foam mattress before, you’ve likely noticed that it gets firmer the more you sink into it at a fairly quick rate. The Zinus Universal Comfort Support; however, strategically places different layers of different types of foam throughout the mattress, offering a very “gentle firmness,” for lack of a better term.

Recovery Time

The Zinus Universal Comfort Support’s recovery time is nearly unmatchable. Once again, this is largely due to the layers used in the mattress. Said layers make the recovery time of the mattress near non-existent. It’s not that the entire mattress can bounce back very quick (in fact, the inner layers may have a horrible recovery time), it’s that the Zinus Universal Comfort Support is built it a way that makes it almost impossible to compress it in the first place by laying on it alone.

As unbelievable as it may sound, I’d equate this mattress’ recovery time to that of soft spring mattresses. And, as anyone who’s ever slept on a soft spring mattress is by now aware, recovery time is never an issue. The only time the mattress’ recovery time will come into play in the first place is when you first open it. Because it gets thoroughly compressed before being shipped to its destination, you may have to wait some time for it to spring to life. After this initial wait; however, you’ll likely never encounter this issue again.


Zinus 10 Inch1Once again, the Zinus Universal Comfort Support seems to excel where others have not. You’ll likely find this mattress to remain perfectly intact for years to come. What’s interesting here is that the mattress’ durability persists despite its layered status. Where most layered memory foam mattresses tend to be rather vulnerable from the outside due to their soft outer layer, this is not an issue here.

The reason I docked the Zinus Universal Comfort Support one star in its durability rating was due to all of the high-density foam used in its make. While such foam is seen as been the most durable, the sheer volume used in the mattress can make cleaning difficult. As we all know, a mattress which goes years without being cleaned can leave an owner more inclined to throw it out, thus reducing its overall level of durability.

Warranty Information

The Zinus Universal Comfort Support comes with a twenty-year warranty. To illustrate how good its warranty is, I’ll note that ten years could be considered the length of today’s “standard” memory foam mattress warranty. If anything, this goes on to further illustrate how durable the mattress is, being that this is a great show of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s perceived longevity. There’s not much else to say here. If you want a good warranty, this mattress has you covered.

Overall Summary

On paper, one could only assume that the Zinus Universal Comfort Support is one of the most high-quality memory foam mattresses on the market, both in and outside of its price range. It offers a great degree of comfort, back support, durability and comes with a great warranty. The only folks I wouldn’t recommend this mattress to are those with a very low mattress budget or those who prefer a very soft mattress. If the above two demographics don’t sound like you, the Zinus Universal Comfort Support is sure to have you covered.

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