Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Premium Ultra Review


Overall Rating
Recovery Time


At first glance, the Premium Ultra may seem extremely similar to many other memory foam mattresses available on today’s market. And, in many ways, it is. Upon closer inspection; however, one will notice that the Premium Ultra diversifies itself from the mountains of generic, layered memory foam mattresses through the ratios of different foams used in its manufacture. A large portion of layered memory foam mattresses consist of a large piece of high-density memory foam with a slightly less large piece of low-density memory foam fitted over top of it.

The Premium Ultra uses three layers, each of which become more and more firm the further you get to the bottom of the mattress. They are also used in ratios which actually let you sink deep enough into the mattress to harness the benefits of all three layers; a trait many layered memory foam mattresses lack. This contributes to a large degree of comfort not often found in similar products across the board.


Overall, the Premium Ultra is rather average when it comes to firmness. It’s not hard, though it’s not overly soft by any means. However, it’s not how firm the Premium Ultra is that makes it an interesting product, but how the firmness in question manifests itself through the use of the different layers of foams present throughout the mattress.

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch1Simply put, the mattress gets firmer the more you sink into it. This not only makes the mattress more comfortable through the consistency such a feature brings with it, but makes this mattress a less dangerous alternative to similarly soft mattresses for those with poor back health (though I would recommend a very firm mattress to such folks anyways). This also acts as a compromise for couples who’s halves each prefer a different level of firmness in a mattress.

Recovery Time

The Premium Ultra is about as good as it gets. No matter the weight one puts on their mattress, expecting it to bounce back into shape over the course of a second or two is very realistic. This is primarily due to the foam used on the topmost portion of the mattress, which is rather low in density. For the unaware, the addition of a small amount of low-density foam to a mattress’ surface is excellent at increasing its recovery time, being that such foam takes a very short amount of time to bounce back into shape. While foam of a higher density falls within the opposite side of the spectrum when it comes to recovery time, the high-density foam used in the Premium Ultra is all near the bottom of the mattress. This means it won’t soak up a whole lot of weight and, as such, will have little to recover from in the first place.


Like all products that sound too good to be true, the Premium Ultra has a catch. It’s not so much that the mattress’ manufacturer did a poor job in the durability department, it’s that low-density memory foam is simply not all that durable. As such, you can imagine that the durability of the upper half of the mattress is not as great as those made entirely of high-density foam.

Stacked up to the average memory foam mattress, the Premium Ultra just isn’t all that great in terms of durability. Relative to mattresses with the same amount of low-density foam used in their make; however, the Premium Ultra could be seen as being on par. A lack of durability just seems to be a necessary evil with softer mattresses. As such, whether or not this mattress is right for you all comes down to a matter of priorities.

Warranty Information

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch2Don’t let the poor durability score I gave the Premium Ultra scare you too much. After purchasing this mattress, you’ll be covered by a ten-year warranty. If you’ve spent any significant amount of time shopping for or researching memory foam mattresses, you’ve likely by now come to the conclusion that ten years is a perfectly reasonable amount of time to shoot for in a mattress’ warranty. The Premium Ultra is certainly on par in this regard, which can be taken as an added bonus at the very least.

Overall Summary

It’s clear that the Premium Ultra’s priorities lie within the realm of comfort. Its most exciting and most heavily-advertised feature is its abundance of layers and the ratios in which different memory foams are used within the mattress. It may not be the best for those with sore backs, nor will it be the first choice among those who like a stiff bed. But if your number one priority in mattress shopping is to walk away with something which emphasizes soft comfort, the Premium Ultra is just what you need.

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