Zinus Night Therapy Memory Foam Mattress Review


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The Zinus Night Therapy is a memory foam mattress who’s target demographic seems to be those with some concern or another revolving around their back and shoulder health, as the mattress’ name might suggest. While this may sound just like very large portion of the rest of the memory foam mattress market, the Zinus Night Therapy has several characteristics which actually set it apart from other mattresses marketed as being therapeutic.

For example, the Zinus Night Therapy actually isn’t the firmest mattress available on the market. This goes in contrast with a wide variety of therapeutic mattresses which place a large emphasis on being as firm as possible. The mattress also has layers of different memory foam used within its make; each layer having its own level of density. Once again, this is largely unheard of in mattresses of its type. While this all sounds well and good, let’s take a closer look at some of its specifications before deciding whether or not the Zinus Night Therapy is the mattress for you.


Zinus Night Therapy Memory1This is easily what most sets the Zinus Night Therapy apart from other therapeutic mattresses, which typically tend to be extremely firm. In fact, one may equate the level of firmness inherent in this mattress to that of a slightly firmer-than-average memory foam mattress not marketed toward those with back problems at all. This is actually rather refreshing, being that those worried about their back have had no alternatives to extremely firm mattresses up until this point in time. Of coarse, whether or not a lesser degree of firmness is a good thing really all comes down to personal preference. Still, it’s nice to see that those of us with back and shoulder problems now have a few more options at our disposal with the release of the Zinus Night Therapy.

Recovery Time

This is just one more area where the Zinus Night Therapy sets itself apart from other memory foam mattresses which market themselves similarly. Typically, therapeutic mattresses are made of one giant block of high-density memory foam. While foam of a high density is widely regarded as being “the best,” it has one major drawback – a very poor recovery time.

Because the Zinus Night Therapy is not simply a giant block of high-density foam; however, it excels where similar mattresses cannot when one considers its overall recovery time. Through the use of different layers of foam, each layer having more density the closer it is to the middle of the mattress, recovery time is improved dramatically. The reason I couldn’t give it five out of five is due solely to the fact that the Zinus Night Therapy still uses a significant degree of high-density foam in its make, despite it being of a lower ratio overall.


The general theme of this review seems to be comparing the vast differences shared between the Zinus Night Therapy and other therapeutic mattress and how those differences make the Zinus Night Therapy superior. I’ll break away from this theme for just a moment to talk about one of the disadvantages this mattress has over similar products.

Generally speaking, you’ll have a very hard time finding a memory foam material that is more resistant than high-density memory foam. In fact, finding such a material may prove to be impossible at this point in time. As such, you can imagine how the Zinus Night Therapy stacks up to similar mattresses which are made entirely of said high-density foam. The sad truth is that this mattress just isn’t as strong as your average therapeutic mattress overall.

Warranty Information

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch2This is easily my biggest issue with the Zinus Night Therapy. There is absolutely no advertised warranty on behalf of Zinus. While this may not be an issue to some (we all have a different set of priorities and expectations), I simply cannot rest easy on the two hundred dollar mattress I just bought knowing that it has no advertised warranty to speak of. When I pay three figures or more for a product of any sort, I expect at least some level of assurance that it will work. Considering that most mattresses offer a ten-year warranty, I certainly don’t think this is an unreasonable expectation.

Overall Summary

Despite perhaps not being the most reliable mattress in the long term (though, this is still largely up for debate), the Zinus Night Therapy proves to offer many of the benefits of therapeutic mattresses without all of the typical drawbacks. Those with back problems who find themselves taking an interest in soft mattress may very well find the Zinus Night Therapy to be the best possible option.

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